Dennis Rodman Girlfriend & Dating History: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dennis Rodman girlfriend


Dennis Rodman is a retired professional basketball player. Rodman, who is friends with both U.S. President Donald Trump and the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, arrived in Singapore on Monday, June 11, ahead of the North Korea summit.

Rodman is currently single, according to the website Who’s Dated Who. Rodman hasn’t gone public with a relationship since his split from Michelle Moyer, whom he was married to until 2012.

Rodman is a father of three children, daughters Alexis and Trinity, and son D.J.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Was Most Recently Linked to Michelle Moyer, to Whom He Was Married Until 2012

Dennis Rodman girlfriend

Rodman’s third wife was Michelle Moyer. The two met in 1999 and started dating. A few months later, Moyer found out she was pregnant. She and Rodman welcomed their son, D.J. (Dennis Jr.) in 2000. The following year, they welcomed their daughter, Trinity.

Rodman and Moyer tied the knot in 2003, celebrating their special day on Rodman’s 42nd birthday. Their relationship quickly fell apart, however, and Moyer ended up filing for divorce in 2004. Over the course of the next eight years, Moyer and Rodman went through several ups and downs in various attempts to make their relationship work.

In 2012, Moyer decided to follow through on her divorce petition. After the divorce was granted, the Los Angeles Times reported that Rodman was taken to court for falling behind on his child and spousal support payments.

“An Orange County court commissioner Tuesday told the NBA Hall of Famer he faces a possible 20-day jail stint for contempt of court unless he comes up with $860,376 in child and spousal support he owes his ex-wife by May 29, though it’s likely he could get community service time instead,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

2.  He Was Linked to Alicia Douvall in 2004

Dennis Rodman girlfriend

During one of the times he and Moyer were “off again,” Rodman started dating Alicia Douvall. The model and reality television star is known for undergoing various plastic surgery procedures. She appeared on Celebrity Love Island in 2006 and on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015, but was kicked out of the Big Brother house very early on.

“By the age of 24, Alicia had undergone two nose jobs and three boob jobs in a bid to appear more perfect. In 2013, she revealed to the Daily Mail that she has had 16 boob jobs, six nose jobs and 308 other cosmetic treatments. Her quest for the perfect figure has now reached more than 350 surgeries, and she has spent approximately £1million in the process,” The Sun reported in 2016.

At one point in time, Douvall revealed that she and Rodman were engaged to be married — but that’s something that he denied.

“Being engaged to Dennis is fantastic. I want to spend the rest of my life with Dennis,” she previously said, according to The Daily Star. However, Rodman called her a liar ahead of her appearance on Celebrity Love Island.

Douvall has been linked to several celebs in her time, including Simply Red star Mick Hucknall, former Manchester United goalkeeper Fabien Barthez, and rapper Shaggy. At one point in 2002, Douvall claimed that P. Diddy got her pregnant. She said that she had a miscarriage a short while later.

3. He & Carmen Electra Divorced in 1999

Dennis Rodman girlfriend

Rodman met Baywatch star Carmen Electra in 1998, shortly after Electra’s mother passed away. The two started dating and fell very hard for one another. In 1999, they flew to Las Vegas to elope.

“People couldn’t understand why I loved him, because he had a reputation for being a bad boy. What I saw in the beginning was this gentle giant that was in a lot of pain. So in a way we understood each other. … Our relationship was very passionate. When it was good, it was amazing,” she said. “And when it was bad, it was the worst. It happened so fast. It was so spontaneous, and I remember right after, ‘Oh god, what did we do?'” Electra said on Oprah Winfrey’s Where Are They Now? back in 2014.

Rodman sees things very differently, however, and even told Page Six this past April that he would marry Electra again.

“If the opportunity were to pop up today, and if I saw Carmen, I would probably ask her to marry me again. I have been debating about that the last couple years. I would ask her to marry me again. I bump into her every once in a while. We don’t really talk about our past marriage, just everyday things. We have a real relationship . . . I have that special bond with her,” he told the outlet.

4.  He Was Married to Annie Bakes in the Early 90s

Dennis Rodman girlfriend


Dennis Rodman’s first wife was Annie Bakes. The two met in 1986, and dated for nearly seven years before tying the knot. Bakes, a professional model, gave birth to the couple’s first and only child — a daughter named Alexis — in 1988. Bakes married Rodman in 1992, on their daughter’s fourth birthday, but the two divorced a few months later, according to ESPN.

After the split, Bakes moved to Sacramento, California, with Alexis, taking her away from her dad. According to ESPN, this “devastated” Rodman.

When Rodman was suspended from the NBA in 1996, he reached out to Bakes.

“He’s realizing there are so many people using him. He is just crying out for help. To be honest, he needs his family bad. When we were together, he had stability. He needs the family unit. Dennis keeps asking me if I still love him. He knows I’m going on with my life. I will always love Dennis in my heart. But with him being in the NBA, I couldn’t take that [lifestyle],” Bakes told the Chicago Tribune at the time.

Rodman maintained a relationship with his daughter, whom Bakes once said was “the only thing that makes him happy.”

Now, Alexis is grown and has a child of her own.

“Wow, congrats to my daughter Alexis and her husband for the birth of their 1st baby: Vincent! I can’t believe I’m a Grandfather,” he wrote on Facebook in June 2017.

5. He Dated Madonna & Vivica A. Fox

Dennis Rodman girlfriend

Rodman has been sort of a serial dater — and a serial rebounder. Over the years, he has been known to bounce from woman to woman, having flings here and there, but nothing has really worked out for him yet.

Rodman and Vivica A. Fox supposedly had a fling in 1997, though the actress has never actually admitted it.

Rodman was linked to Madonna in 1994, the two dating for about two months before breaking things off.

“Madonna wanted to have my babies. … One time I was in Las Vegas at the craps table doing my thing when I got this frantic call. It was like the ‘somebody died call’ from New York. I picked up the phone and Madonna was like, ‘I’m ovulating, I’m ovulating. Get your ass up here,'” Rodman once said, according to the Huffington Post.

It was around the time that he was dating Madonna that he started cross-dressing.

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