NBA Finals Game 3: Odds & Prediction For Cavs-Warriors

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Getty LeBron James could not carry his team to victory in Game 2.

Steph Curry hit an NBA Finals record nine three-pointers Sunday night, and the Warriors cruised to victory 122-103. They take a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals, which now heads to Cleveland for Game 3 on Wednesday.

NBA Finals Game 3 Odds

With the series heading back to Cleveland, the Cavaliers are only a five-point underdog. While it’s a small consolation, as the Warriors are slightly more vulnerable on the road. LeBron is heading home with two days rest, knowing that losing on home court will guarantee the end of the series.

A higher total for the series is interesting, given that Golden State is expected to shoot less than the 57 percent they finished with Sunday night on the road. Multiple sportsbooks have opened their Game 3 at 217, an indication that the bookmakers misjudged the pace of the series through two games.

For the series price, it’s no surprise the Warriors number is rising. This was as convincing a victory as it gets, as the Warriors showed how special they can be when they don’t miss shots. They are now valued at -2500 to win the series, which translates to a 96 percent chance to win the series.

NBA Finals Game 3 Prediction

When the series heads to Cleveland, it officially begins. Despite the drama of Game 1, there was no real expectations for Cleveland to win at Oracle Arena. As we noted at the top of this series, Cleveland has been blown out in the first two games at Oracle in each of the past two series.

Cleveland has had no problem losing the road games for as long as possible, and taking wins at Quicken Loans Arena to progress the series. It was fine against the likes of Indiana and Boston, but it’s a far bigger ask against Golden State. LeBron checked out of the game with four 4:09 remaining and the Cavs down 18, finishing with a 13 assists but a very mortal 29 points.

Through two games, Steph Curry has separated himself in his pursuit of his first career Finals MVP. Curry was devastating in Game 2, keeping Cleveland at bay whenever they appeared to be closing the gap. With seven rebounds and eight assists to go with 33 points; it’s possibly Curry’s best game in the four series between the teams.

Kevin Durant was much better tonight, scoring 26 on 10-14 shooting. But it was Curry’s show, breaking a record set by Ray Allen in 2010.

There is no defense when the Warriors shoot 40 percent from behind the arc. The Warriors easily covered and sent the point total over, making overs 2-0 in the series.

Heading back to Cleveland, the Cavaliers are going to take at least one of these games. Golden State dropped a road game to both New Orleans and San Antonio in this postseason, and lost twice in Houston before winning Game 7.

Prediction: The tempo won’t stop because the location has changed. Scoring is up, defense is down. Keep pressing the over.