Roosevelt Rene aka Trypps Beatz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

roosevelt rene

Twtter Roosevelt Rene AKA Trypps Beatz

Roosevelt Rene was identified as the 25-year-old hip-hop music producer known as Trypps Beatz whose body was found in the home of New York Giants star Janoris Jenkins.

He was described as a family friend of the home’s residents, and a neighbor told the Hackensack Daily Voice that Rene claimed to be Jenkins’ brother. It appears from social media that Rene AKA Trypps Beatz and Jenkins were acquainted at least in part because of Jenkins’ own hip-hop aspirations; Janoris Jenkins goes by the name “Rabbit” in the music world when he’s off the football field. Janoris Jenkins’ actual brother, William Hawthorne Jenkins Jr., is now accused in the death, according to prosecutors in New York.

The body was found on the property that Jenkins owns in Fair Lawn, New Jersey while the football player was reportedly out of the state in Florida. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed early on that the victim was a man who was not the owner of the home, according to TMZ. The name of the victim was initially delayed because next of kin were being notified but was released on the evening of June 26, 2018.

People began posting tributes to the hip-hop artist.

NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo tweeted, “Per law enforcement sources, police are investigating a possible strangulation/suffocation as the cause of death in the case of the body found at Giants CB Janoris Jenkins’ home.” Authorities had yet to confirm that account, though, and the official cause of death for Roosevelt Rene is not yet clear as the medical examiner still has to perform a post-mortem exam. The death is being treated as a homicide, however, according to The New York Post.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Roosevelt Rene Was a Music Producer & Artist Who Grew Up in a Musically Inclined New York Home

janoris jenkins fair lawn new jersey

Google MapsJanoris Jenkins’ home in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

Roosevelt Rene worked as a music producer, confirmed TMZ. Friends on social media said his name was Trypps Beatz in the music world, and one defended Janoris over the situation. His services included advanced mixing and mixing and mastering. also confirmed that Rene was Trypps Beatz.

According to a profile on Trypps Beatz by House of Kings, “Trypps Beatz also is a multi-talented hip-hop producer/artist. Trypps Beatz grew up from a musical background. Both of his parents were musically inclined. His mother, Marie was a lead solo artist. His father was song writer, pianist & engineer.”

The site says that Trypps Beatz was first introduced to music at age 3 when he began playing the drums, and it adds, “This upcoming producer has a lot up his sleeve. Roosevelt ‘Trypps Beatz’ Rene was born on September 3, 1992 in Spring Valley NY. After living there for 10 years Trypps Beatz moved upstate NY.”

When he’s not on the football field, Janoris Jenkins is a hip hop artist using the name Rabbit. “When Janoris Jenkins isn’t lacing up for the New York Giants, he blazes down the studio booth,” a blog post on Jenkins’ hip hop efforts reported. “Rabbit has always loved music.”

Trypps Beatz AKA Roosevelt Rene had tagged Janoris’ music page for his alter ego “Rabbit” on Instagram. He appears to sometimes go by the handle “jackrabbit.”

Posts featuring Trypps Beatz appear on the page @jackrabbitnews.

That page defines itself as “JackRabbit Ent. Official Page @Clampz2.0.” @Clampz2.0 is the page for Janoris Jenkins.

Dianna Russini, an ESPN journalist, wrote on Twitter that Janoris Jenkins was out of the state when the body was discovered. According to ABC 7, Roosevelt Rene was living in Jenkins’ home. “Janoris Jenkins wants to get back to NJ, he’s been advised by attorneys to stay in Florida per sources. #Giants,” Russini wrote.

“Police sources have confirmed a body has been discovered on the property of Giants Janoris Jenkins in Fair Lawn, NJ. Jenkins is not in the state and has been in Florida since camp broke. He is aware as are the New York Giants. Told this is a homicide investigation,” she wrote.

TMZ also reported that Jenkins was not in the state at the time but was aware of the situation. Homicide detectives were at the scene, according to The Daily Voice. Jenkins bought the home two years before for $500,000, reported.

The New York Giants released a brief statement that read, “We are aware of and monitoring the situation.”

2. A Man Claiming to Be Janoris Jenkins’ Brother May Have Caused Delays on a Flight, Reports Allege

One strange twist in the story: A man who may have been Roosevelt Rene panicked on an airplane after claiming he was Janoris Jenkins’ brother, according to one report.

Russini, of ESPN, tweeted, “Also last night in NJ, a man claiming to be Janoris Jenkins’ brother was on a Jet Blue flight to Fort Lauderdale from Newark to allegedly meet up with Janoris. The man caused delays because he was too scared to fly according to witnesses I spoke to. He got off the plane #giants.”

However, the neighbor told The Daily Voice that it was Roosevelt Rene who was alleging to be Janoris Jenkins’ brother. “He always parked his car in front of my house and hung out after getting his cigarettes at Morlot News and Food,” the neighbor told the newspaper. “He told us he was Jenkins’s brother.”

Here’s the actual brother of Janoris, William Jenkins:

William Hawthorne Jenkins

William Hawthorne Jenkins

The Daily Voice says the plane was delayed by four hours and reported that the neighbor claimed it was really Roosevelt Rene.

According to The New York Post, a worker discovered the body. “The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit and the Fair Lawn Police Department are investigating a death at 14 Van Saun Place in Fair Lawn, New Jersey,” authorities said in a statement.

3. Roosevelt Rene Was Staying in the Pro Football Player’s Home, Reports Say

Russini also reported on Twitter that “Janoris Jenkins had family staying at that home…he had plans to return to New Jersey today to deal with this situation but he may stay in Florida. #Giants.”

It’s not clear which family members were staying at the home at the time in addition to Roosevelt, if any, since he may have been claiming to be a brother of Jenkins. The prosecutor, Dennis Calo told The Hackensack Daily Voice that Rene was a friend of the Jenkins family who “has been residing [at 14 Van Saun Place] of late.”

On Father’s Day, Jenkins posted a photo on Instagram showing him with two siblings.

Janoris Jenkins repeatedly expressed the importance of family loyalty on Instagram, writing, “Keep the real ones around and eliminate the snakes ?, Loyalty since birth..”

Janoris Jenkins has had some trouble with the law throughout his career. In 2011, he was dismissed from the University of Florida football team, ESPN reported, after a marijuana possession arrest that was his second such offense in three months. Before that, he entered a deferred prosecution agreement after a fight and accusations of fleeing the police. He has five children with four different women, a situation he has described as a “blessing.”

Jenkins’ father is named William Jenkins Sr. Janoris’ father told The New York Post he advised his son, “If you have kids by different moms, you’re gonna have negative things in life, but as the father, you got to be the man and make sure your kids don’t get caught up in all that. Take care of your kids. They are first and foremost in your life.”

4. The Body Was Found in the Basement of the Home & Rene Wrote That He Wanted to Enlighten Youth

On his website, in the name of Trypps Beatz, Roosevelt Rene wrote, “Trypps Beatz – a multi-talented hip-hop producer/artist. Trypps Beatz motive is to enlighten the youth and others to be creative, have self-consciousness and inspire the world with their artistry and Hip-hop culture.” On Instagram, he described himself as, “Trypps Beatz ??PRODUCER|ARTIST: D.Diyari,Benny, GrizzRu,KG,Conway,Mozzy,Sha Hef, Pardison Fontaine,Show Gudda, 38 spesh ??♍ | ?-Trypps_Beatz| ?#Billiondollarhitz?.”

TMZ, which was one of the first sites to break the story, reported that it wasn’t yet clear how Rene had died. “Sources tell us the body was discovered in the basement by a worker at the house. Law enforcement officers in Bergen County raced to the scene. We’re told the coroner showed up a short time later,” the entertainment site reported.

janoris jenkins

Getty New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins visits the SiriusXM set at Super Bowl LI Radio Row at the George R. Brown Convention Center on February 3, 2017 in Houston, Texas.

Janoris’ top post on social media before the death advertised a pool party at “Jackrabbit Mansion,” with the status saying, “Lit the right wayyyy!!!” He is from Pahokee, Florida and lives in Jersey City. One report said the pool party was scheduled for Florida.

According to an old profile story in the Sun Sentinel on him, Jenkins’ mother is named Denise Dent. He also had a mentor, Sandy Cornelio, growing up.

When his son was caught with marijuana, William Jenkins Sr., his dad, said to, “Janoris made a mistake. The mistake was Janoris, getting caught up in that foolishness. They got a job to do, a program to run, and I take my hat off to them for letting him know, ‘You’re not above the law.’”

5. Roosevelt Rene Wrote That He Was Always Plotting the Next Mission

Roosevelt Rene, in the name of Trypps Beatz, filled his Instagram page with sayings that give an insight into his life and outlook. “always plotting on the next mission, they say the hardest part of the work is the brain thinking , believe me organic ideas don’t come that easy,” he wrote with one photo. “I don’t ever ask questions , I just hustle,” read one quote on his page.

Other captions read things like “You know west up , this my lifestyle not a game” and “I neva ?? forget to count my blessings.”

Roosevelt Rene

TwitterRoosevelt Rene

The House of Kings article on him also reported that he lived in upstate New York for a time and “During the years living upstate that’s when Trypps Beatz started developing his natural skills for producing records.” Online records show he also lived in Dallas, Georgia.

A 911 call alerted police to the death at Jenkins’ home around 10:22 a.m. on Tuesday June 26, 2018, according to ABC 7.

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