Browns’ Baker Mayfield Called out on Colin Cowherd’s Show for Absurd Reason

Baker Mayfield

Getty Cleveland Brown's quarterback Baker Mayfield has taken fans by storm.

It’s now just getting a bit weird and uncomfortable. Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield can’t avoid criticism from anyone who sits down with the host of the FOX Sports show ‘The Herd,’ Colin Cowherd, it seems.

The feud between Mayfield and Cowherd goes back to earlier this NFL offseason when the host implied the quarterback was selfish on a play from his college days.

As you can see, Mayfield didn’t take kindly to the comments, which is understandable. And after the No. 1 pick took over just before halftime to help lead the Browns to a win on Thursday Night Football against the New York Jets, Cowherd’s name came up during the postgame interview.

The response from Mayfield was pretty much perfect, as you could tell he didn’t have any interest in talking about Cowherd. So after these comments came out, many NFL fans were interested to see how things would play out on Friday’s episode of ‘The Herd’ and most were left rolling their eyes.

Another Comment Pointing to Mayfield Being Selfish

While Cowherd had plenty of things to say about Mayfield, this time, it was Jason McIntyre who used the FOX Sports platform to call him out. As Marcus Mosher of The Raiders Wire revealed, McIntyre was apparently not a fan of Mayfield coming out to the NFL Network set after the game with his phone.

Yes, just because he had his phone.

For those curious and the others who opt to decide that having your phone after a game is selfish, Twitter made sure to take care of that side of the argument. Below we have photos of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady holding their cell phones after the Super Bowl.

For good measure, it’s also worth noting that Mayfield stopped the entire interview to give a shoutout to teammate Carlos Hyde because it was his birthday and he had a child on the way. Tough to argue that the Browns quarterback isn’t a nice guy, at least on some level.

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