DraftKings NFL Week 2 Fantasy: 5 Top Optimal Lineups & Picks

After a wild Week 1 in the NFL, fantasy football players are now locked in on Week 2 and a DraftKings slate which once again features massive options for players. With 13 games featured on the main Sunday slate, I'm going to take a bit of a different approach than usual.

For the Week 2 DraftKings slate, I'll offer up my main lineup, but also give a few additional optimal lineups on top of that. Each lineup will have its own specific focus, whether it be a high-upside lineup (for 150-max entry options), a high-floor team (good for cash) and a well-rounded lineup which features a bit of everything.

As for the games offered this week, players will find a wide range of low-cost and high-dollar options. The headliner will once again be the $20 millionaire maker, which features $4.6 million in guaranteed money. There will also be a plethora of single entries (great for the cash lineup we'll cover) and three-max options (well-rounded lineups work well here).

There's a lot to look over, but before we jump into the optimal lineups, I'm going to give some insight into how I went about building lineups

Building Lineups With High Upside vs. High Floor

In games such as the millionaire maker on DraftKings, which features 150-max entries, you have to do your best to be different. In turn, simply using the top optimal lineup in a millionaire game may not give you a big edge since many players will be high-owned. Using a lineup that features players you project to have the highest scores along with one or two options with lower ownership makes sense.

That's the argument for the high upside plan of attack, but on the opposite side, the games which are single entries and three-max allow you to use more popular names. You don't have to go as crazy or take as many risks in order to build these lineups and potentially have success. Using a whole group of players which may be high owned could still result in you taking home a big payday.

I'll explain my focus for each lineup along the way, but there's no better place to start than with the top optimal lineup.