Kyrie Irving Has No Intentions of Leaving the Celtics

Getty Kyrie Irving at the podium for Cletics Media Day

Who said that Kyrie Irving wanted out of Boston so quickly? The NBA is at a crazy time. It feels like almost every superstar at some point is ready to up and leave from their current situation in search of something better. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, shoot, even Irving did it just last year when he demanded Cleveland to trade him away so he could join the Celtics.

Nobody thought that Kyrie was satisfied with his situation in Boston, though. Despite their success from the 2017-2018 season, even without Irving on the court, there were talks about Kyrie possibly wanting to leave Boston to join the New York Knicks when his contract is up in 2019.

When Kyrie was asked about the Knicks rumors during the Celtics media day, he didn’t hesitate to shoot down all the random chit-chat. Adam Kaufman of WBZ Radio in Boston reported that Irving spoke on the rumors on the Toucher and Rich Morning Show. Here’s what he had to say regarding the topic.

Kyrie’s Response to the Rumors:

Irving then went on to state how good the Celtics are, so it doesn’t really make sense for him to leave Boston to join an inferior team. And guess what? He’s right. Going from a team that has potential to be top-three for years come to a team who has struggled immensely for such a long time doesn’t really do anything to help Kyrie’s career and legacy at all.

So, for any Knicks fans out there who were getting their hopes up for a Kyrie Irving signing in the summer of 2019, it’s probably best to just forget about it. Seeing as though the Celtics, on paper, are the best team in the Eastern Conference heading into the new league year, there’s really no reason for Kyrie to skip out while he is still in his prime.