MLB Playoff Standings: AL & NL Postseason Picture


Getty The Cubs are in a tight playoff race.

After months of watching the standings, we are about to find out the actual MLB playoff matchups. The AL teams are locked in, but things are a bit messier in the NL.

For the American League, here are the playoff teams along with their seeding: No. 1 Boston Red Sox, No. 2 Houston Astros, No. 3 Cleveland Indians, No. 4 New York Yankees and No. 5 Oakland A’s.

In the National League, all five playoff teams are set, but there is not one seed locked in heading into the final slate of games. Here’s a look at the five NL playoff teams jockeying for position: Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers, Colorado Rockies, Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Red Sox will await their opponent, which could be their rivals if the Yankees knock off the A’s in the Wild Card game. Houston will host Cleveland in the other ALDS matchup.

The Cubs and Brewers are tied for first in the NL Central. The winner of the division would secure the No. 1 seed in the NL, while the second place team would be relegated to playing in the Wild Card matchup.

The NL West features a similar battle with the Rockies and Dodgers tied for the lead. The leader has a chance to have home field advantage while second place with play in the NL Wild Card game. The Braves need to win their final game, and have both the Dodgers and Rockies lose to be able to secure home-field advantage for the NLDS.

According to CBS Sports, if both the Cubs and Brewers win today, the Cubs would host the Brewers in a one-game playoff on Monday. If either team wins while the other loses, the winner gets the division crown and No. 1 seed to host the NLDS series. The loser would play in the NL Wild Card playoff.

Colorado and Los Angeles face similar fate. If both teams win their final games, they would also play in a playoff game in Los Angeles on Monday. If one team wins while the other loses, the winner hosts the Braves in the NLDS, while the loser plays either the Brewers or Cubs in the Wild Card game.

Here’s a look at the latest MLB standings. Teams in bold have secured a playoff spot, while those in italics have also clinched their division.

AL Wild Card Standings

New York Yankees 100 62 +3.0
Oakland A’s 97 65

NL Wild Card Standings

Chicago Cubs 95 67 +4.0
Milwaukee Brewers 95 67 +4.0
Colorado Rockies 91 71
LA Dodgers 91 71
St. Louis Cardinals (eliminated) 88 74 3.0

AL Division Leaders & Seeds

1. Boston Red Sox 108 54
2. Houston Astros 103 59
3. Cleveland Indians 91 71

NL Division Leaders & Seeds

T-1. Chicago Cubs 95 67
T-1. Milwaukee Brewers 95 67
T-2. Colorado Rockies 91 71
T-2. LA Dodgers 91 71
3. Atlanta Braves 90 72

Playoff Matchups Heading Into September 30th Games

AL Wild Card: No. 5 A’s vs. No. 4 Yankees
ALDS: No. 5 A’s/No. 4 Yankees vs. No. 1 Red Sox
ALDS: No. 3 Indians vs. No. 2 Astros

NL Wild Card: No. 5 Dodgers vs. No. 4 Brewers
NLDS: No. 5 Dodgers/No. 4 Brewers vs. No. 1 Cubs
NLDS: No. 3 Braves vs. No. 2 Rockies

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