LOOK: Tom Brady Recruits LeBron James to Patriots as Tight End

LeBron James

Getty Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James at Ohio State Buckeyes game.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is looking to load up on as many talented targets as possible ahead of Week 1, and he’s now turning to LeBron James. The NBA star posted a few photos from a pickup game earlier this week, and one featured James’ head nearly at rim level.

Brady, like the rest of the world, took notice (again) of James’ freakish athleticism. And as SportsCenter revealed, the Patriots quarterback wasted little time recruiting LeBron to play tight end alongside Rob Gronkowski.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of people recruiting James to the NFL. Pittsburgh Steelers players previously recruited the NBA superstar, while many publications have brought up the topic of James’ chances to succeed while playing professional football at the highest level.

Whether or not it would actually work is a question we’ll almost certainly never have an answer to. The talented 33-year-old making that drastic of a career change while still thriving in the NBA would be more than a bit surprising.