Philadelphia Flyers: The Best Twitter Reactions to ‘Gritty’


For the first time since 1976, the Philadelphia Flyers have a mascot. ‘Gritty,’ a giant, orange, muppet-looking creature was revealed to the NHL world on Monday morning for the first time ever. As expected, nobody knew how to react as we’re not exactly sure what Gritty is supposed to be.

Add Gritty to the collection of strange mascots in Philadelphia. First, they have the Phillie Phanatic, which is a giant green creature that rides around on a quad. Then, they have Franklin, who is a big blue dog that sports a Sixers uniform. The sports world went crazy when the Flyers revealed Gritty as their new mascot as nobody knew how to react to something so strange. While some fans found it comical, others found it to be straight up creepy.

Gritty debuted on Monday night at the Wells Fargo Center with a comical showing on the ice. After slipping and falling while skating, and shooting a T-Shirt into the back of one his ‘teammates,’ everybody seemed to be warming up to Gritty’s silly approach to entertaining Flyers fans in attendance. But you didn’t have to be at the game to enjoy the entertainment. Sitting on Twitter was just as fun as fans from all over tweeted about Gritty, who is now a trending topic.

Check out some of the best tweets from Gritty’s debut.

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