Robert Woods Celebrates a TD with Rapper YG


It’s early on in the season, but Thursday’s matchup with the Los Angeles Rams hosting the Minnesota Vikings may already be the game of the year. You know what they say, a lack of defense could be really entertaining for those who love high scoring games. Well, we have been watching two offensive juggernauts go at it.

Rams third-year veteran quarterback Jared Goff has been playing out of his mind. And as entertaining as the game has been, nothing was cooler than his 31-yard touchdown pass to Robert Woods late in the third quarter. Woods, who is currently sniffing a 100-yard night, made sure to put on a show when he celebrated his one and only touchdown with rapper, YG in the crowd. Check it out!

Woods to YG

This may be the best part about the Rams playing in LA now. Being that they are now a threat to the NFC, all of the celebrities are not afraid to jump on the bandwagon and attend the games. And for that, it makes for some pretty cool celebrations in the crowd.

Last season, the Rams weren’t too eager to celebrate touchdowns as they kept it strictly business throughout the season. But they look like an entirely different team this year as they aren’t shy too shy to have a little bit of fun. If they keep finding the end zone this much this season, we may see a lot more celebrations to come!


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