Liza Barber, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

liza barber

Getty Ryan Fitzpatrick and his wife Liza Barber have six children.

Ryan’s Fitzpatrick’s wife, Liza Barber, believes in Fitzmagic. The couple met while they were both attending Harvard. Prior to taking over as the Dolphins starter, Fitzpatrick spent the past several years of his career bouncing around the NFL as a backup quarterback.

According to NBC Sports, Fitzpatrick has played for seven teams for 16 seasons and spent 105 games over those 16 years on the bench.

When Fitzpatrick is not dropping dimes on the football field, he is busy helping his wife raise seven children: Brady, Maizy, Zoey, Tate, Lucy Ruby and their new baby Jake. It has been a long journey for Fitzpatrick to regain NFL prominence, and he has enjoyed sharing the moments with his kids.

According to NBC Sports’ Peter King, Fitzpatrick face-timed his wife and six kids after the Bucs opening win over the Saints back in 2018 during the “Fitzmagic” era in Tampa Bay.

“We really didn’t have to say much, and I couldn’t say much,” Fitzpatrick told NBC Sports. “I was overcome with emotion.”

From the Harvard halls to Tampa Bay, learn more about Fitzpatrick’s wife and children.

1. The Couple Recently Welcomed Their 7th Child, Jake

Fitzpatrick and Barber stay busy with seven children. Things are even busier as the couple welcomed their new baby Jake earlier in 2019. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the news that the couple was expecting prior to Jake’s birth.

“Ryan Fitzpatrick’s wife, Liza, is due with the couple’s seventh child in January. The seventh child will join Brady (11), Tate (9), Lucy (7), Maizy (5), Zoey (3) and Ruby (1). But Fitzpatrick now looks as if he is trying to challenge Philip Rivers for league-lead in children (8),” Schefter tweeted.

While it may seem shocking to some, Fitzpatrick notes that each child has brought the family even more joy, especially around holiday time. Fitzpatrick spoke with the New York Post about what Christmas is like at the Fitzpatrick house.

“Each time I have another kid, it becomes that much merrier and more fulfilling,” Fitzpatrick told the New York Post.

As you can imagine, with six children the couple needs a system for everything, especially Christmas. As an NFL quarterback, holidays are often not off days and the quarterback explained what it is like balancing everything.

“It’s gonna be complete chaos,” Fitzpatrick noted to the New York Post before Christmas in 2015. “We’re gonna keep ’em in the room till seven. They’ll probably be up and ready to go before that, but we’re gonna make sure we don’t wake up before seven. From seven, until I leave my house [for the team facility] at probably 11:30, it’s gonna be jam-packed. … We gotta figure out how we’re doing it. Sometimes, we’ll start youngest to oldest, and let ’em open up all their gifts, so the youngest would open up all of ’em, then the next youngest. So Brady would really have to wait. Sometimes we do it one at a time, we gotta figure out what we’re gonna do this year. But it is a long morning of gifts and…danishes, lots of food and chaos.”

2. Barber Was a Standout Soccer Player at Harvard

Fitzpatrick isn’t the only Harvard-educated athlete in this relationship. Barber, who grew up in West De Moines, Iowa, was a standout soccer player for the Crimson through all four years of her college career.

Barber was a captain during her senior season in 2004, anchoring the Harvard defensive unit throughout her final collegiate season. She was an All-American player over her career before graduating in 2005

3. Fitzpatrick Proposed at a McDonald’s After Almost Ruining the Surprise

Ryan Fitzpatrick wife, Liza Fitzpatrick

FacebookLiza poses with a new-born Tate Fitzpatrick. She and Ryan are expecting their seventh child.

It was Fitzpatrick’s rookie NFL season. The couple had been dating for a year and had a joint bank account. They were ready for the next level.

So, Fitzpatrick bought a ring. Only he bought it from that same joint bank account. He hid the ring in the couple’s car while they were shopping, and Liza was looking to make a few purchases at an area Gap store.

When she went to make a purchase her card got denied. She told the store associate that she would check her bank account when she got home.

Suddenly, Fitzpatrick knew he’d have to propose a lot sooner than he originally anticipated. He explained the situation to the Los Angeles Times.

I knew she was going to notice the amount of money that was missing.

So I was like, ‘Oh, man.’ I had to figure out from the Gap to my house how I was going to propose to her. Luckily, the ring was in the car.

We drove by all these fancy places. I asked her if she wanted to grab some dinner and sit by the lake. It was November, and she was like ‘Why would I do that? It’s freezing outside!’ All she wanted was McDonald’s. My relationship with my wife, and knowing her, it was just the perfect setting.

She ordered probably a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and had sweet-and-sour sauce on her face.

4. Fitzpatrick Wears His Wedding Ring During Football Games

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Fitzpatrick wife

Fitzpatrick has said that he has no reason to take his wedding ring off while he’s playing football games. (Getty)

The couple has an unspoken agreement that they do not take off their wedding rings. This means Fitzpatrick even wears his on Sundays when he is playing quarterback. Fitzpatrick noted the reason has sentimental value.

“I haven’t seen a reason to take it off, I guess,” Fitzpatrick told The New York Times. “It stands for something. It’s not like I’m trying to throw a message in anybody’s face. It’s just a personal thing between me and my wife. It’s important for me not to take it off.”

5. Fitzpatrick’s Son Starts His Father on His Fantasy Football Team

Fitzpatrick has had his fair share of doubters over his career, but not in his own family. When Week 1 rolled around of the 2018 season, Fitzpatrick’s son Brady was one of only a handful of people who started his dad in his fantasy lineup. It paid off as Fitzpatrick threw for 417 yards and four touchdowns.

“So my 9-year-old son, Tate, convinced my 11-year-old son, Brady, to put me on his fantasy team today,” Fitzpatrick told NBC Sports. “I didn’t even know Brady played fantasy football. I guess it was a good decision.”

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