Adrian Peterson Expects the Minnesota Vikings to Retire His Number

Getty Images Adrian Peterson during his stint with the Minnesota Vikings

Washington Redskins running back Adrian Peterson hasn’t played in Minnesota for over two years. The former Vikings running back might’ve played for three other teams since he’s worn the purple and gold, but it doesn’t mean that he hasn’t thought about his former team in a while. In fact, he’s thought about them quite recently.

Last year, while Peterson was struggling in getting back to his old way New Orleans and Arizona, the Vikings were on a roll. Eventually, the Vikings found themselves going as far as the NFC Championship. Meanwhile, Peterson was sitting at home watching during the playoff run watching not one, but two of his former teams play against each other in the playoffs.

It didn’t seem like Peterson had any hard feelings. But his recent comments about the Vikings kind of make it obvious that he does feel a bit revengeful towards them. Peterson told the St. Paul Pioneer Press recently that he could help out the Vikings right now with their running back currently sitting out with an injury.

Peterson, who is back on his high horse, apparently would like to remind his former team why they should’ve kept him on board. Currently, he’s doing well with the Redskins. 56 carries for 236-yards, and three touchdowns aren’t bad for a back who’s three games into his eleventh season in the league. Despite the hard feelings, though, Peterson would like to remind the Vikings that he did some great things in Minnesota, and they should definitely consider honoring that.

No. 28 Makes His Case

“I accomplished some great things with No. 28,” he said. “It should definitely be a number that they consider retiring on their own terms.”

Since 2007, Adrian Peterson has been in the league. 10 of which, he spent with the Vikings. Looking back at what Peterson has done during his time in the pro’s, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to think that he will be a Hall of Fame candidate at some point when eligible.

Seeing as though the Vikings have had Peterson while he rushed for 11,747-yards, and 97 touchdowns, there should be no reason why the Vikings wouldn’t retire No. 28 when it’s all said and done. Peterson may take a little while to hang up his cleats, but we’re sure once he does the Vikings will come calling with a one-day contract for the running back.