LOOK: Jimmy Butler Miami Heat Jerseys Are Already Being Sold

Jimmy Butler

Getty Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler

Sometimes you can just hope hard enough and things are willed into existence. Apparently, one store that sells jerseys is doing their best to make a Jimmy Butler trade to the Miami Heat happen.

Late this past week, Joe Raynne, who hosts The Millennial podcast, posted a photo revealing that Heat jerseys for Butler were already listed for sale.

Best of all, if you retweet Joe, he’ll hook you up with a free jersey (pretty confident it was sarcasm). But still, it’s pretty wild to see that Butler jerseys are already being sold, although it’s unknown where the photo came from and what store has them up.

Butler’s Random Jersey Number

My big question is – why the number 22?

Butler wore No. 21 with the Chicago Bulls (he couldn’t wear No. 23 for obvious reasons), and then swapped to 23 when landing with the Timberwolves. For what it’s worth, if Butler was dealt to the Heat, he couldn’t keep No. 23. The franchise actually retired Michael Jordan’s number as a way to show some love for his achievements in the NBA.

Maybe the site just decided to go right in the middle of Butler’s two former numbers? He wore No. 33 at Marquette, so that can’t be the reason. The No. 21 is also held by Heat center Hassan Whiteside, so I assume the expectation is that he couldn’t get it from Whiteside. Maybe one day we’ll find out the answer, but if Butler is dealt to the Heat and chooses No. 22, then one website deserves a tip of the cap.

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