Kevin Durant Calls Wizards ‘Weak,’ Asks to Be Subbed Out

Getty Images Kevin Durant and Steph Curry playing the Washington Wizards.

The Golden State Warriors have been dominating for the past few years. Not only have they dominated on the court and in the postseason, but they have dominated in free agency as well. It’s where everybody wants to play to get a ring. Just ask guys like Kevin Durant or DeMarcus Cousins.

When players join the Warriors, they know they are going to dominate. When teams play against the Warriors, they know that there is a chance that they get beaten… badly. Obviously, no team goes into the game with that mentality, but some just know what to expect when you’re playing a well-known powerhouse like Golden State.

Right now, we are witnessing peak Golden State. The team that knows they are the best in the NBA, so they just have fun while dominating. Stephen Curry is currently playing at an MVP level again, so he’s back to do his pregame antics with the trick shots, and dancing. Kevin Durant, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be having that much fun as he wanted to be subbed out of Wednesday night’s game because the competition appeared to be too “weak” for him.

Was the Competition Not Enough?

The Warriors put up a season-high of 144 points on Wednesday when they secured a 22-point victory over the Wizards. So yes, Washington might’ve been too weak to handle Golden State this early on in the season. Kevin Durant didn’t seem to want to waste his time as he played a total of 32 minutes, where he scored 30 points, with eight rebounds and seven assists.

His teammate Steph Curry, on the other hand, wanted to stay in the game. During his 32 minutes on the court, Curry dropped 51 points and was slightly disappointed when his head coach took him out. Perhaps Curry wanted to drop 60, Steve?

Regardless, the Warriors did in fact, play an inferior opponent on Wednesday, and we didn’t need to see the scoreboard to know that. Hopefully, Golden State gets some tougher competition soon. For Duran’ts sake, of course.