Report: Patrick Peterson Wants to Be Traded to the Saints

Getty Images Patrick Peterson pumping the crowd up

The situation out with the Arizona Cardinals is going sour for the veteran cornerback, Patrick Peterson. Over the last two weeks, rumors have been flying around about Peterson’s availability for trading. Last Thursday, Cardinals President Michael Bidwill shot down those rumors and continued to tell the media that the Cardinals will not trade Peterson.

Apparently, the rumors got into Peterson’s head as well. The veteran is not demanding a trade by the time the deadline approaches. As the Cardinals are clearly years away from being a Super Bowl contending team, the veteran cornerback is making sure that he can land himself in a winnable situation while he’s still got it.

The desire for a trade makes sense, but now the Cardinals are making it difficult. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Monday afternoon that the two parties do not see eye-to-eye on the situation, but the Cardinals are sticking to their word. That won’t stop Peterson from begging to be sent off to another team though, as his desired destination has leaked.

Peterson to the Saints?

CBS Sports Analyst Bryant McFadden went straight to Twitter with the news of where Peterson wants to land. For those who are unaware, McFadden and Peterson are actually cousins. Therefore, the source is as legitimate as they come.

The desire to want to play in New Orleans makes sense for Peterson. While the Saints could use some help in the secondary, they are still one of the NFC’s top contenders. As they sit on top of the NFC South with a record of 5-1, the Saints are one of a handful of teams who could be legitimately considered as a Super Bowl contender. The addition of Peterson would surely take their defense over the top and help them out down the stretch.

There’s Mutual Interest

Patrick Peterson’s desire to play for the Saints has them interested. But they aren’t the only team that plans on making a call for the All-Pro corner. According to Bryant McFadden, it seems as though Peterson has been made aware of teams who are interested in making legitimate offers for him.

Along with the Saints, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots have shown some interest in the cornerback. Although the Cardinals are standing firm with their statement by saying they refuse to make a trade, we’ll see just how long they can keep their guard up until a team makes them an offer that’s too good to pass up.