Ryan Tannehill Injury: Dolphins’ QB to Miss Multiple Weeks?

Getty Images Ryan Tannehill to miss multiple weeks for his injury

The Miami Dolphins have fallen off from their AFC dominance that occurred during the first couple of weeks. It all started when they faced their division rival, the New England Patriots, which is where they took their first loss. Ever since that game, they have been on a slight decline. And to make matters worse, they lost their starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill for just last week. Or so that’s what they thought.

It looks like Tannehill’s injury is becoming worse than expected. What turned into a questionable week, gets made out to be in danger of missing possibly two more weeks. This is definitely not a good look for Tannehill, who has lost a significant amount of time over the last couple of years. Now, his contract year is quickly turning into a disaster as his future as the Dolphins quarterback is an unknown.

Welcome to Brocktober Fest

Well, well, well, it looks like we are getting a short-term stint of Brock Osweiler in the NFL once again. A few years ago, Osweiler started his first few games in the NFL when his mentor, Peyton Manning went down with an injury. Then, Osweiler found himself inking a massive deal with the Houston Texans that would eventually give the team a bad case of buyers remorse.

Osweiler was eventually traded to the Cleveland Browns, released and picked up again by the Broncos where he had another opportunity to prove them wrong, but ultimately failed. Now, here we are as Osweiler is going to pick up his second consecutive start for the Dolphins this week. Last week, Osweiler didn’t have the best game on paper, but it was enough to lead the Dolphins to an overtime upset over the Chicago Bears.

This week, Osweiler and the Dolphins face the Detroit Lions. While Detroit has had its ups and downs, this game for them will not be a walk in the park if the Dolphins come out playing like they did last week. There’s no reason to believe that Osweiler becomes more of a beneficial factor to the Dolphins offense than Tannehill is because we’ve seen this story before. But if he can put up a similar performance to last week, then the rest should take care of itself.

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