Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence Is Expected to Start Again

Getty Images Trevor Lawrence getting helped up after taking a tough hit last week.

Last week couldn’t have gone worse for Clemson freshman quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. As the six-foot-five freshman was set to make the first start of his young career, he ended up taking a nasty hit, which would force him out of the game. What made the situation ironic was that Lawrence just won the starting position earlier that week.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney wasn’t sure what to expect after the game. As everybody initially thought that the feedback from the medical staff would be much worse, Swinney soon found out that Lawrence should be able to get his second chance as a starter this week against Wake Forest on the road.

The Clemson coach kept everybody worried as they were unaware that Lawrence could’ve technically gone back into the game if they really needed him. But giving Lawrence the rest of the afternoon off was the safer bet, despite Clemson playing from behind. So while everybody assumed the worst, Swinney knew that Lawrence would most-likely be ready to this weekend.

Staying Protected Is Key

Dabo Swinney wants Lawrence to play loose and keep his game the same, but he couldn’t stress enough about how foolish Lawrence made himself look on that specific play that he got injured. This week, Lawerence will have to focus on keeping himself protected and avoid losing control of his body when leaving the pocket.

Before the injury, Swinney credited Lawrence with the way he played, but his recklessness was what concerned him the most. This week, Lawrence will thankfully get a second chance to turn things around.

Both, Lawrence and the Clemson coaching staff know how much they risked making the decision to start the freshman by benching former Clemson starter, Kelly Bryant. A favorable matchup against Wake Forest should get the Tigers offense back on track with Lawrence once again.

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