Twitter Reacts to Los Angeles Lakers ‘City Edition’ Jersey’s

Getty Images The Los Angeles Lakers 'City Edition' jersey's have leaked

Uniforms in the NBA are essential nowadays. You know the saying, “If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good.” Well, that’s basically what a lot of NBA players go for. From their shoe selection to their accessories, NBA players tend to do a lot to look good on game night. So, when the NBA allows a different uniform for special occasions, you know that Nike has to come correct with their design.

Last season, the ‘City Edition’ jersey had a favorable response for the most part. This year, we have yet to see everybody’s designs. But as you know, nothing can be kept as a secret when everybody is curious. So naturally, somebody got their hands on a leaked Los Angeles Lakers ‘City Edition’ uniform. And thanks To The Ringer, we were gifted with a sneak peek on Twitter. As you can expect, Twitter did their thing and completely disproved the design, for the most part.

Lakers ‘City Edition’ Uniforms

We can see where Nike was going with this. It’s a very old-school look, which would probably look a lot better with a different color selection. I’m no designer though, so my opinion wouldn’t help regardless. But by the looks of it, many people aren’t really fans of the look as well. Maybe it would look better while worn, but the initial response hasn’t been very great.

When the images were posted on Twitter, the thread filled up with mostly negative reactions. Although there were a few fire emoji’s inserted, NBA fans as a whole do not seem too optimistic about this year’s designs judging from the way the Lakers jersey’s from this leak look.

The Opinions Aren’t off to a Great Start

Remaining Optimistic

One Final Eastern Conference Joke for LeBron

One of a Few Approvals



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