WATCH: Florida Coach Gets into Heated Exchange with Vanderbilt Coach

Florida's Dan Mullen gets into a heated argument with Vanderbilt's Derek Mason.

Tempers were flaring up on Saturday afternoon as the Florida Gators, and the Vanderbilt Commodores battled in a heated SEC matchup. As Vanderbilt is working on a surprising upset, the Florida Gators found themselves in some hot water as one of their players committed a highly controversial hit that caused both teams to get fired up.

During the second half of the game, an infamous targeting call left the Gators penalized, and a Vanderbilt player lying injured on the ground. This caused Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason to head over towards the Gators sidelines to give their head coach a piece of his mind. While Gators’ head coach Dan Mullen also got fired up, the two coaches got into a heated argument with each other as players started getting fired up as well.

The Confrontation


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