WATCH: Tarik Cohen Scores on a 70-Yard Screen Pass

Getty Images Tarik Cohen puts on the jets for a big touchdown against New York on Sunday.

Chicago Bears running back Tarik Cohen puts on the jets against the New York Jets on Sunday with a home-run play to put up the first points on the board. He may not be the biggest guy on the field, but Cohen sure knows how to work the open field.

After the Bears struggled to move the ball through the air early on, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky inflated his passing numbers with a simple screen to Cohen, and the Jets just didn’t have a chance to stop it.

The pass from Trubisky to Cohen has now become the longest touchdown ever between the Bears and the Jets rivalry, according to Jack Silverstein. As the Bears running game continues to struggles, despite having Jordan Howard and Cohen in the mix, the big play by Cohen brings a new life to the Bears offense, which was lacking early on.


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