WATCH: Tyreek Hill, Tramaine Brock Get into Scuffle on Field

Getty Images Tyreek Hill is having himself a solid day against the Broncos defense.

Tempers were flaring on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium as the Kansas City Chiefs are hosting the Denver Broncos at home. For the second time this year, the Broncos and Chiefs meet, except the result looks much different this time around. During their last matchup, the Chiefs squeaked away with a one-possession win over the Broncos. On Sunday though, it’s a different story.

The Chiefs are dominating the Broncos, and it’s starting to get into the heads of some players. Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill continues his hot streak this year, by working the Broncos’ defense with two catches for 62 yards in the first half. As expected, Hill is confidently running his mouth to bother his opponents, and it seems to be working.

Broncos cornerback Tramaine Brock couldn’t contain his anger as he initiated some extracurricular activity to slow down a Chiefs offensive drive. Naturally, the play resulted in a penalty, but many Chiefs fans were shocked to find out that Brock remained in the game, despite starting the scuffle.

Tempers Started Flaring Up