WATCH: Yankees Fan Throws Beer at an A’s Fan

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The New York Yankees had a great night on Wednesday as they defeated the Oakland Athletics 7-2. You could hear “We Want Boston!” chants all throughout Yankee Stadium as the team is now getting geared up for their playoff series against their long-time rivals, the Boston Red Sox.

Baseball was fun in New York if you were a Yankees fan last night. Not so much if you were an Oakland A’s fan who was sitting in the hostile environment that is ready for a wild playoff series. Apparently, celebrating a win by cheering wasn’t enough for a Yankees fan who decided to take his celebration up a notch by doing something entirely uncalled for.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @OlvinnO decided to record the final moments of the ball game while Yankees fans all around celebrated in their own way. Unfortunately, his way of celebrating wasn’t very respectful an opposing fan within his section. “OlvinnO” decided to film himself throwing a beer at another fan, and posted it online for everybody to see.

Here’s the Clip:

In a matter of 12 hours, the video has gained over 320,000 views through Twitter. As expected, the video did not go over well with a lot of baseball fans. Even Yankees fans were embarrassed and disappointed with the video. There were tons of replies to the user, but the backlash didn’t seem to faze him.

When another user commented, “Don’t go to opponents stadiums… in a playoff game… wearing the other team’s colors….” OlvinnO replied with “Especially in the Bronx.” Needless to say, there are a lot of people who are not happy with what went down in this video on Wednesday night.

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