Anonymous 49ers Player Contradicts Jon Gruden’s Statement

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Thursday Night Football’s matchup this week wasn’t the most intriguing game. Back when the schedules were made, a Jon Gruden led Oakland Raiders versus a San Franciso 49ers with Jimmy Garrapolo under center seemed like a great matchup. Instead, we got to see a crumbling Raiders team get destroyed by an undrafted third-string quarterback. The Niners’ destroyed the Raiders 34-3. And now everybody is wondering; Did the Raiders quit on their head coach?

The body language is evident by most of the players. Their comments tell you all you need to know about what’s going on over there. The Raiders are clearly in tank mode, which is tough for players to deal with considering that all they want to do is win. Of course, Gruden won’t admit it, but it’s quite apparent.

Last week, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr broke his social media silence for the first time since the summer. Part of his statement was that he knew it wasn’t a “popular” thing to be on the Raiders right now. But Jon Gruden claims otherwise. The head coach claims that players are “dying” to play for the Raiders behind closed doors.

From the outside looking in, who would be dying to get over there in Oakland? As a matter of fact, players who are currently on the team are most likely dying to get out of there. An anonymous player on the 49ers confirms that their team has checked out. Jon Gruden can’t even get his team to play for this season, so what makes the Raiders a hot landing spot?

Who Said What?

According to 49ers reporter Joe Fann, somebody on the Niners’ recognized that the Raiders mailed it in for the majority of the game. It doesn’t take a football genius to figure that out. And surprisingly, that’s the only player to publicly say something about Oakland so far. But once again, another players statement from another team clearly recognizes that Raiders’ players have quit on their head coach this season.

So, what makes Jon Gruden think that players will want to come here next year? He claims that he receives texts/calls from guys who are interested, but that’s technically not allowed in the NFL during the season. The whole situation doesn’t make sense, and Gruden isn’t fooling anybody. At this point, it feels like there’s no chance that Gruden makes it to his tenth year on his current contract. Oakland will need immediate results in 2019, or else they may be looking for a new head coach before their arrival in Las Vegas.

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