Boston Celtics: Terry Rozier Not Frustraded, Happy with His Role

Getty Images Terry Rozier during Celtics media day.

The Boston Celtics are off to an unusual start in comparison to 2017. Although they have the same star power on board, they haven’t quite hit their stride yet in team chemistry. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that two key starters were out for the back end of last season. Guys are still getting adjusted to having a different lineup.

For Celtics backup point guard Terry Rozier, he’s getting used to coming off of the bench again. Last year, Rozier had a breakout stretch, as he dominated for the Celtics in the playoffs. But as soon as Kyrie Irving came back into the picture, it was back to the bench he goes.

As expected, many reports were coming out that Rozier was upset with his role and his playing time. They also added that he would like to be traded, and teams were quite interested. There were eight teams, in fact, rumored to be calling for the Celtics. Although Celtics General Manager, Danny Ainge denied those reports, many fans aren’t buying it.

Regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes, Rozier wants everybody to know that he’s happy with his role, and assures everyone that he was not aware of those reports that were coming out about his speculated frustration with playing time.

Rozier Speaks Out

Rozier is currently averaging around 22 minutes-per-game this season, which is a slight decrease in minutes from last year where he had 25.9. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just how the game flow has been thus far for the Celtics. Seeing how Rozier performed with more minutes last season though, really proved to Boston and the rest of the NBA that he can be a big-time contributor as a Point Guard. Hence, the reason why everybody assumes that he wants out.

Obviously, Rozier likes the fact that he’s pulling in a high-demand of offers. I mean, what player wouldn’t want to hear that tons of teams are reaching out for them to be the face of their starting lineup? It doesn’t seem likely that the Celtics trade Rozier at this point, especially if he is truly happy.

However, there is a chance that he could force their front office to deal him at some point. And that’s probably the only way this would get done. But as long as Rozier confirms that he’s actually happy, then the Celtics probably won’t even consider trading him away.

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