Carmelo Anthony Reportedly Not in the Sixers’ Plans

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Where will the NBA take Carmelo Anthony next? After floating around to two teams over the last year, Anthony is looking to join his third team in a short amount of time. After Oklahoma City was a flop for the veteran, everybody would assume that an off-the-bench role for the Houston Rockets would work out well. Clearly, Anthony didn’t uplift Houston as they have a ton of struggles right now.

Sometime soon, we can expect to see Anthony join the unemployment fair. While the 34-year-old star wants to keep playing, he’s going to have to find a team that is willing to take a chance on him. Over the last few years, Carmelo Anthony hasn’t exactly been a joy to work with. While his former teammates have spoken highly of him as a person, his talent hasn’t really meshed well with his teammates while on the Thunder and the Rockets.

Clearly, Melo’s track record is blocking some of the potential interest that he could be gaining when he is available. Teams aren’t attempting to trade with the Rockets to acquire Anthony, they are waiting for him to become available via release. While Carmelo Anthony has been linked to a few teams over the last few weeks, one of his most prominent landing spots reportedly has no interest in signing him at this time.

You Can Count the Sixers Out

Once the word got out that Carmelo Anthony wasn’t going to move forward with the Rockets, the Sixers immediately became the favorite to acquire the forward. As they could use some help off the bench, Melo becomes the hottest name available. But seeing as though he hasn’t had much success as of recent, the Sixers are definitely going to be hesitant.

A few weeks back when the Sixers made a move for Jimmy Butler, it was a clear showing that this team was willing to go above and beyond to make this team better. And while Melo could offer a skill set that could improve the Sixers, their general Manager Elton Brand didn’t seem too optimistic about making that move. Hence why he said it’s a 50/50 shot that the Sixers go out and get Melo.

That was a few weeks ago, though. Now, Philadelphia 76ers reporter for the Philly Voice, Kyle Neubeck believes that from what he’s heard on the inside, the Sixers aren’t showing much interest, if any at this point. Now, that could change over time, but right now there just isn’t anything going on that would make anybody assume that the Sixers are going to make a move for Melo.

The Word on the Inside

From my understanding, Carmelo is not really even in consideration here. That could certainly change, but even reporters who floated the Sixers as a destination previously have backtracked on that in the weeks since. I think the Sixers need a four less than they need flexible players who are comfortable in different roles.

For those of you who are worried the Sixers may take the chance and bring in Melo, you can rest easy knowing that he is no longer in the team’s plans. While that can all change, it doesn’t seem like Brand’s next move is going to be one that could potentially affect the locker room’s team chemistry, which seems to be at an all-time high right now.

Granted, many assumed that Butler would cause issues behind the scenes as well, but that risk surely paid off. Seeing as though Carmelo Anthony is not going to be a starter, it’s simply not worth the headache that he could bring to the team even if they are interested in his talents.

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