Celtics’ Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Want to Discuss LeBron James Anymore

Getty Images Kyrie Irving and LeBron James during their tenure with the Cavaliers

A few years ago, Kyrie Irving was making a promise to Cleveland Cavaliers fans all over that he wouldn’t leave. He pledged to not be like LeBron James, who left the Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat at the time. Although LeBron eventually made his way back into Cleveland, Irving quickly changed his stance on his statement of staying forever faithful to the Cavaliers organization. Kyrie wanted out, but LeBron wanted him to stay.

The situation was very tricky. Kyrie Irving felt some sort of betrayal when the Cavs’ re-signed LeBron. Before ‘The King’ came back to Cleveland, the Cavs’ were Kyrie’s team. But the second LeBron made his way back, Irving took a backseat to the team’s new leader. And for that, Irving wanted out and spent his 2017 offseason begging for a trade.

Although the entire situation is in the past, it still gets brought up from time to time. Recently, LeBron James discussed the situation with “The Athletic.” LeBron explained his decision to leave Cleveland for the second time and mentioned the trading of Kyrie Irving being one of a few reasons of why he made that choice to pack up and go to Los Angeles.

Despite the relationship between James and Irving going sour after a while, LeBron still wanted Irving to be his teammate, and the Cavaliers still granted Kyrie’s wishes. And as LeBron continues to discuss the entire situation, Kyrie has a different stance on everything. Not that he doesn’t feel any differently, he just simply doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Kyrie Is Moving on from Cleveland

“I think I’m done commenting on anything Cleveland.” That was Kyrie’s simple response when the topic got brought up for what feels like the millionth time. Kyrie Irving has been ready to turn to a new chapter since he’s been traded. Even though he expected to hear about Cleveland so many times during his first year of being with the Boston Celtics, at this point, he’s getting sick of the topic.

It’s been well over a year now since Irving has joined the Celtics, and it’s been more than a few months since LeBron has joined the Lakers. There’s really no reason to keep re-visiting the topic. Especially when Kyrie Irving will no longer comment on his former situation. Irving is a part of the Celtics and plans to be for what he hopes to be a long time.