DeMarcus Cousins Injury: When Will Warriors’ Center Make His Debut?

Getty Images DeMarcus Cousins warming up with the Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are shockingly struggling a bit right now. That’s not to say that they are beginning to slip, the team is just dealing with a couple of injuries. Significant ones, at that. When the Warriors added DeMarcus Cousins in the offseason, they knew they weren’t going to get much out of him right off the bat. It’s almost like the addition of Cousins was a luxury for the team and a favor for Cousins.

As Cousins’ remains sidelined due to an Achilles injury, the Warriors’ are dealing with injuries elsewhere. Their superstar guard Steph Curry has been out for a while, and Draymond Green has been dealing with a nagging injury as well. We all know the locker room antics that have occurred, and we see a Warriors’ team that is still good, but very much beatable.

We never thought this would be said, but the Warriors could use some help. DeMarcus Cousins is currently on the shelf, but the team has to be expecting the big man to make his return to the court very soon. So, as the Warriors’ are working to hit their stride once again, how much longer do they have to wait until Cousins can make his debut with Golden State?

When Will Cousins Return?

According to Warriors’ reporter Logan Murdock, the team is trying to fast-track Cousins’ return. Knowing that this will most likely be a one-year situation in Golden State for Cousins’ he wants to make sure that he contributes as much as he possibly can to win his first NBA Finals ring. After all, that’s the sole purpose of his signing with the Warriors in the first place.

Cousins’ still has some time to go before his return, but Warriors fans will be happy to hear that the veteran big man has already begun participating in scrimmages. According to inside sources, his teammates have described his game as looking ‘solid.’ The Warriors won’t put a set date on the official return, but it looks like Cousins will be re-evaluated around the end of December, and looking to return before, or right around the new year.

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