Dez Bryant Could End up Playing against Cowboys This Year

Getty Images Dez Bryant during his time with the Cowboys

Big news came out of New Orleans on Monday night, as the red-hot Saints are looking to add some depth to their team. This week’s position of choice will be wide receiver. So per usual, the Saints put out a couple of feelers and will work out some free agent veterans. And it just so happens that one of those veterans is former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Dez Bryant.

We’ve somehow gone through a half of a season in 2018 without seeing Bryant on the field. The Cowboys shockingly released Bryant back in the offseason and forced him to want revenge. Although Bryant wanted to end up on an NFC East team, nobody within the division was interested in him at all.

So, Bryant had to settle for testing the market and didn’t go as planned. Bryant worked out for two teams and was offered a deal from both, the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns. Ultimately, Bryant decided that both contracts were undervaluing him, and not quite what he wanted. Now, the Saints are looking to work out the veteran wideout to make sure that he’s still got it this week.

Bryant to the Saints?

It’s not an NFC East team, but at least it’s within the conference. So, Bryant wouldn’t be able to play the Cowboys twice a year, but if he does sign a deal with the Saints, he will be fortunate enough to play against his former team during week 13. And ironically enough, that game will be at AT&T Stadium in Dallas.

Signing to the Saints could make two of Bryant’s dreams come true. One would be to get revenge on his former team for the way that they let his whole career as a Cowboys’ receiver end. And two being the Saints would give him a playoff caliber team to play on.

Bryant has only had the chance to win a playoff matchup in one season during his time with the Cowboys. Since the Saints are at the top of the NFC, they have a realistic shot of making a deep playoff run in the winter time. But first, the Saints would have to sign Bryant. So, we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves right now. Just in case he does sign though, we will have week 13 circled on our calendars.