Dwayne Haskins: Is the Ohio St. QB a First-Round Selection?

Getty Images Where does Dwayne Haskins rank among NCAA QB's?

Crunch time is coming for Ohio State’s Sophomore quarterback, Dwayne Haskins. The six-foot-three, 220-pound quarterback is currently leading one of the hottest teams in the NCAA in his first full season under center. Although OSU is typically known to be a powerhouse all around, Haskins is no scrub around a bunch of stars. In fact, Haskins has made himself known as a Heisman Trophy candidate for every week throughout the 2018 season.

Through ten weeks, Haskins has managed to complete an impressive 71.1-percent of his passes. He’s totaled for 2,801 yards with 30 touchdowns to five interceptions. His passer rating has been off the charts at 174.1. And the craziest part about it all? It’s only his second year. But will there be more from Haskins at Ohio State? Or has his Sophomore season sent his stock way up for the 2019 NFL Draft scouts?

Haskins doesn’t have to rush to leave OSU. So, we have to assume that the only way that he does is if he is getting drafted high, and somewhere in the first-round. Obviously, not every quarterback from a big name school is automatically a first-rounder. But for a player that’s worth being considered for the Heisman, you would have to think that they should be somewhere around the top of their class. So, what do the experts have to say about Haskins?

Where Does Haskins Rank in His Class?

The experts over at Pro Football Focus have a pretty good grasp on rating college quarterbacks, and where they would get drafted. Just last year, they did an excellent job of ranking, perhaps one of the most significant quarterback classes in recent history, which was almost spot on. So let’s see where Haskins ranks in this year’s class, assuming that he does leave for the pro’s.

First off, he’s not the top dog. According to PFF’s Steve Palazzolo, there’s only one quarterback that’s most-likely entering into this year’s draft that is considered to be a day one talent, and it’s not Dwayne Haskins. So far, Haskins has only proven to be a second or third-round selection, according to PFF.

The reason behind it? It’s actually quite simple. Haskins has eight career starts to date. The lack of experience and film for the pro scouts to analyze makes it difficult for a team to spend their highest draft pick on him. Not only does he have a small sample size, but Haskins’ didn’t precisely grade out that well when Ohio State faced their toughest opponents.

Again, there’s no guarantee that Haskins declares after his first year as a starter, but it’s not like anybody would be surprised if he did. If his future representation is selling him the idea of becoming a first-round pick as early as 2019, then there’s no reason to assume that he will be back for the Buckeyes next season.