Jaguars’ Carlos Hyde Is Upset with His Limited Role

Getty Images Carlos Hyde taking the ball up the field.

When the Jacksonville Jaguars traded with the Cleveland Browns for running back Carlos Hyde, nobody knew what to expect. It’s apparent that Leonard Fourtnette is the bell-cow back as long as he is available, but Hyde was supposed to be the teams go-to running back when Fournette wasn’t around.

Looking back at the situation now, it’s still confusing as to why the Jags acquired Hyde in the first place. It was understandable when T.J. Yeldon was underperforming as the backup, but it looks like the Jaguars don’t want to shy away from Yeldon for Hyde when they are in need.

Hyde has played four games in Jacksonville since being traded from the Cleveland Browns. But by the second game he was on the team it didn’t even matter because Leonard Fournette was back in action. Initially, when the Jaguars traded for Hyde, it indicated that Fournette’s return could happen later, than sooner. That didn’t end up being the case. Fournette returned two weeks later, right on time.

Once again, Hyde finds himself in a position where a younger, and more productive back takes over a large chunk of carries, leaving almost nothing for the five-year veteran. He understands the situation, but to say that Hyde is dissatisfied with his role in Jacksonville would be an understatement. The Jaguars running back wants more opportunities, and there’s no other way to put it at this point.

Hyde Wants More from Jacksonville

“I went from starter [Cleveland] to not getting the ball at all, down to third string,” said Hyde, a former Ohio State star. “Yes, it’s frustrating but I have to be patient for my time to come back around. When it comes, I’ll be ready.”

“The only reason I got more [carries] was because Leonard went out,” Hyde said. “I just want to play more and be more involved.”

Carlos Hyde was sent packing by the Cleveland Browns because their rookie running back, Nick Chubb offered a much higher ceiling. It took a while for the Browns to notice it, but they realized before the trade deadline. With that, the Browns sought out some value for Hyde and cashed out. Now, Hyde finds himself in a similar, but an even worse situation for himself.

Hyde might’ve been a starter in Cleveland, but he has immediately become a third-string running back in Jacksonville. As long as Fournette is healthy, Hyde won’t see too many carries out of the Jaguars backfield. And while T.J. Yeldon hasn’t been the most productive runner, the Jaguars always seem to have a soft spot for the backup.

Will a frustrated Carlos Hyde see more carries moving forward? Yes, but don’t count on it being much. As Fournette will miss Week 13’s game due to suspension, Hyde will most likely lead the Jaguars backfield in carries. But once Fournette returns to the gridiron, it’s safe to say that Hyde no longer becomes useful for Jacksonville.


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