Does Jared Goff Have a Girlfriend? Is the Rams QB Dating Anyone?

jared goff dating

Getty Jared Goff does not currently have a girlfriend.

Rams quarterback Jared Goff appears to be living the single life with no sign of a girlfriend. Goff opened up about his relationship status in an August 2018 interview with ESPN the Magazine’s Sam Alipour, who asked him if he eventually wanted a family. Here is an excerpt from the interview exchange with the questions in italics.

Could you see yourself raising a family in LA someday?
I need a girlfriend first.
It’s tough to meet girls out here.
It’s not tough to meet them.
Sure, says the quarterback.
No, I mean, you can meet a bunch of girls out here. It’s tough to keep them.

Since the interview, there still has been no sign of a love interest for Goff. The Rams quarterback is settling into Los Angeles and is focused on football. Goff admitted being a quarterback in Los Angeles is a little different than playing in most cities.

“There’s so much that goes on in this city,” Goff told the Los Angeles Times. “People want to label it ‘somebody’s.’ I don’t think it is anybody’s…That guy [James] that just came into town — it might be his now. We’re just trying to win football games, and if you do, there’s a lot of cool things that go along with being in L.A…I’ve become more comfortable with the city and understanding where things are and how long it takes to get places and all that. At the same time, I don’t like to ever sacrifice training or anything that will help me be a better football player.”

Jared Goff’s Sister, Lauren, Got Married in 2017

Goff may not be married, but his sister, Lauren, got married in 2017. Goff posted a photo on Instagram celebrating the happy occasion.

“So incredibly happy for these two! My sissy is married! Congrats you two!! #MrsButts,” Goff posted.

Goff struggled in his rookie season under Jeff Fisher, and his father, Jerry, spoke about some of the criticism his son was receiving at the time.

“When Jared was first at Cal, we were very interested in what people thought of him,” Jerry Goff told the Los Angeles Times. “We thought that was the bar. But now you can’t, because there’s so much negativity. That’s fine. Everybody’s got their opinion and they’re entitled to it. In terms of reading a story, then reading the comments underneath it, that’s not something that we do.”

Goff’s career is on an upward trajectory under new head coach Sean McVay. Goff is the quarterback for one of the best teams in the league. Goff’s mother, Nancy, admitted it has been a crazy experience seeing her son make it to the NFL.

“Last week was crazy and amazing all at the same time because you’re watching your kid really realize a dream,” Nancy told the Los Angeles Times. “College is one thing, and it’s exciting and great. But to be here last week and see him out there, both my daughter and I had tears coming down our faces.”

We will have to see how long Goff’s single status will last in Los Angeles.

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