Will Jimmy Butler Give Markelle Fultz a Hard Time Due to His Struggles?

Getty Images Markelle Fultz dribbling the ball up.

Former Minnesota Timberwolves star forward Jimmy Butler will make his Philadelphia 76ers debut on Wednesday. The veteran was introduced to the Sixers media on Tuesday alongside Sixers General Manager, Elton Brand. Butler, who is known to be very open and honest, pretty much said all of the right things. Now, everybody is just patiently waiting to see if his actions will match his words or not.

As it’s been public information for a while now, Butler hasn’t been the most magnificent locker room presence over time. Especially during his most recent one-year tenure with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Butler brought a nice skillset to the team, but he simply did not get along with the guys in the locker room.

In Minnesota, Butler played with two stars in Karl Anthony-Towns, and Andrew Wiggins. Both of which, were called out by Butler in the offseason for not having a favorable work ethic. Apparently, in Butler’s eyes, they didn’t have the hunger to want to win championships. Therefore, he called them out in front of everybody. Now, everybody is curious as to how Butler will react to some of his new teammates. Specifically, the struggling second-year guard, Markelle Fultz.

Will Butler Destroy Fultz?

If you watch Markelle Fultz shoot a basketball, a million questions might pop up into your mind. His form is awful, to say the least. And he just does not look like he’s deserving of the number one overall pick from 2017. Is he injured? Has he lost his confidence? Is it both? We will truly never know. But there is one thing everybody is skeptical about – it’s Jimmy Butler’s reaction to Fultz and his struggles. Will he help Fultz? Or is Butler going to weigh down on his confidence even more?

“He’s a talented young player” were the first words that came out of Butler’s mouth when asked about Fultz. He then followed up his expected statement by letting everybody know that he’s aware of Fultz’s work ethic. Butler has heard through mutual friends that Fultz has a hunger to be great. As long as Fultz is working hard, he’s got Jimmy Butler’s respect.

A work ethic was never Fultz’s issue with the Sixers. However, the problems in Minnesota that surrounding Butler and some of his star-studded teammates were due to a lack of work ethic in Butler’s eyes. So what it comes down to, is that Butler won’t cause any issues with Fultz, as long as he is showing that he’s willing to work hard all the time. If that’s honestly the case, then Fultz is going to be just fine with his new leader.