WATCH: Joel Embiid Misses a Wide Open Windmill Dunk

Getty Images Joel Embiid powering his way to the rim.

The Philadelphia 76ers aren’t off to a great start on Monday night as they host the Phoenix Suns. Despite being the clear favorites, the Sixers defense isn’t quite getting the job done as they surrendered well over 50 points to the Suns while trailing through the first half. And the worst part about it? The Sixers keep shooting themselves in the foot.

76ers big man, Joel Embiid is always the star of the show when he’s on the court. As Embiid is currently playing at an MVP level, everybody is excited to watch him work and see what he can do. The only issue is, sometimes when he tries to do too much, it can backfire on him. That’s exactly what happened on Monday when Embiid attempted to do a windmill slam dunk with nobody around him.

Embiid Makes a Fool of Himself

Yikes. That’s embarrassing. It’s definitely not a good look when a player tries to get too fancy and makes a terrible mistake while down nine points when you could have the easy two points. There’s still plenty of time for the Sixers to bounce back and take the league against the Suns, but they will have to clean up the self-inflicting wounds that occurred during the first half of the game. That means no fancy dunk attempts from Embiid will be necessary moving forward.

Also, this probably won’t go over well for Embiid on social media. For a guy who has been quite cocky over time on social media, NBA fans are just waiting for a mistake like this for the big man. Well, here you go. Eat your hearts out. But don’t think that Embiid can’t bounce back after that. After all, he has been entirely dominating on all areas of the floor so far this season.