Hornets’ Kemba Walker: I Just Want To Make The Playoffs

Kemba Walker

Hornets guard Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker is playing inspired basketball.

Averaging 28.7 points per game, Walker is the NBA’s second leading scorer behind LeBron James and Kemba had a league-high and franchise-record 60-point performance against the Philadelphia 76ers over the weekend.

Walker is living his best life!

While everone has been paying attention to the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors, the Hornets haven’t been mentioned in the same breath as those “elite” Eastern Conference teams. “I mean, why should they,” Walker told me.

“We haven’t done anything in the last couple years.  I wouldn’t mention us either…but, you know, we’re not bothered by that, we’re not fazed by it.  It doesn’t really matter.”

Walker says that he has one goal this season. “I just want to make the playoffs,” he told me.

“That’s it. I want to get back to the playoffs consistently.”

Entering the final year of his contract, many experts are speculative of his next move and the belief is  high that the Knicks are on his radar. “I’ve been hearing it for years,” Walker told the Hartford Courant’s Dom Amore.

“Every time I come home, ‘When are you going to come home and play for the Knicks?’ I know it’s a special place, I was a Knicks fan growing up, always rooted for the home team. But I just can’t see myself in a Knicks jersey, only because I’ve only been in one jersey.”

Added Walker:

“At first, it bothers you,” Walker said, via Amore. “Who wouldn’t it bother? Who wants to hear his name in trade rumors? But I’m seven years in—it’s not the first time. It’s something I’ve gotten over. What can I do?”

The internet went buzzing with Walker’s statement. Is the New York pipedream over? 

I’ve only been on one team,” Walker told me.

“I don’t know.  I’ve been on one team in seven years, going on eight years. So when it’s my time, I’ll make a decision.  That’s all I said. I said: ‘I didn’t see myself in a Knicks jersey because I’ve only been in one jersey, you know what I mean?”

Per Heavy.com’s Jeff Smith:  Stadium’s Shams Charania revealed recently, Hornets owner Michael Jordan is “hellbent” on re-signing Walker to a new deal.

“The Hornets for now, still want to build their franchise and make Kemba Walker the face of the franchise. Michael Jordan is fully focused and hellbent, really, too re-sign Kemba Walker and keep him as his franchise player, as his franchise star. As long as they remain competitive, and they have been.” Charania stated.

The Charlotte Hornets are 7-8 this season, just behind the Orlando Magic (9-8) for the top spot in their division.