Kyrie Irving Went off on Jamal Murray for Trying to Drop 50

Getty Images Kyrie Irving and the Celtics took a loss to the Nuggets on Monday.

The Boston Celtics struggled on Monday night with a loss to the Denver Nuggets with a final score of 115-107. Nuggets’ second-year point guard Jamal Murray had himself a night as he dropped 48-points. Naturally, he wanted to attempt and drop one-last basket before time ran out to see if he could possibly squeeze out 50 points. And as you can expect, players on the other end of the ball weren’t too pleased. Especially, Kyrie Irving.

Typically, scoring with under 24 seconds left on the shot clock when you’re apparently going to win is frowned upon in the NBA. When you know it’s over, just let the time run out. That’s mostly what Murray did on Monday, but he decided to take one last effortless shot and hoped that it would fall and he would score his 50th point.

Celtics superstar Kyrie Irving immediately gave Murray a piece of his mind after the shot. The seven-year veteran is well-aware of the unwritten rule and reacted how many other players would. Except, Irving’s antics didn’t just stop with words. He decided to take the game ball and chuck it into the crowd after everything went down.

Watch Kyrie Irving’s Reaction

After this happened, Kyrie did in fact, talk to Murray shortly after it all went down. He made sure to tell Murray that he played a good game, but Irving still isn’t a fan of what Murray did. Well, it looks like Murray won’t be getting that ball back, which is unfortunate.

At least Murray helped lead the Nuggets to yet, another victory as they advance to an impressive 9-1 on the season. As for the Boston Celtics, they picked up their fourth loss. Although Irving had a solid game as he logged 31 points, it just wasn’t enough to keep up with Murray’s career-night on the dominant Denver Nuggets.

Kyrie gets fined

As expected, Kyrie Irving will be fined for his actions. Although everything between Irving and Murray was settled verbally on the court shortly after, the NBA still doesn’t appreciate how the veteran superstar acted, thus resulting in a $25,000 fine.