LeBron James Trolls Wolverine Teammate After Michigan Loss

LeBron James

Getty LeBron James

The most highly-anticipated matchup of today’s NCAA football schedule ended in a beating meted out by the Ohio State Buckeyes against their rival Michigan Wolverines.

The game was close heading into the second half–the Buckeyes were only up 3 with seconds left in the first–but Ohio State eventually ran away with it, ending the day with an emphatic 62-39 win over the #4 ranked rival.

Moe Wagner Gets Trolled

Lakers rookie Moe Wagner is a former Wolverine and die-hard Michigan fan, having freshly left their basketball program in just this last year. After the loss, his teammate LeBron James–you may have heard of him–didn’t waste any time taking to Twitter to troll his rookie teammate about the loss, making sure to block out any “M”s with an “X” emoji:

“So❌ebody please go check on ❌y tea❌❌ate @moritz_weasley!!! I don’t believe he’s doing so well right now. So❌eone please call 911 ??,” James tweeted sarcastically after the loss, to which Wagner quickly replied “I’m sick,” in a retweet of James’ merciless roast.


LeBron, an Ohio native, is a self-proclaimed Buckeyes fan and was thrilled by the win. He pulled the same “M”-erasure stunt as he celebrated the Buckeyes’ win over Michigan last year on Instagram:

“I know y’all was hoping they lose so u could be all up in ❌y co❌❌ents that I never read but guess u can’t now(you probably still will). ?????,” the caption reads. “Anyways S/O Urban and the boys on a job well done! #OH #GoBucks? #StriveForGreatness?”

College rivalries aside, it’s fun to see the veteran James not hold back in roasting his younger teammate. Maybe Wagner is already planning his revenge for when Michigan and Ohio State meet again.

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