Le’Veon Bell: Colts, Jets Have Best Odds to Land Steelers’ RB

leveon bell fantasy football

Getty Avoid drafting LeVeon Bell in the first round of your fantasy draft.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are officially through with the Le’Veon Bell era. As Bell sat out until his deadline reached, the running back never showed up to the teams’ facilities to sign his franchise tender. Therefore, he is no longer eligible to play for the rest of this season. And with the emergence of second-year running back James Conner, the Steelers won’t miss Le’Veon Bell too much.

This offseason will be interesting for sure. While there are a few big names that are expected to hit the free agency market, Le’Veon Bell will be the most intriguing player for sure. As a running back, Bell is expecting to get a massive contract full of guaranteed money. In other words, Bell is looking to change the running back market in the offseason. Although the Steelers fared well without Bell, which could put a dent in his value, Bell will still make a pretty penny during the offseason, that’s for sure.

Knowing that the Steelers won’t make any offers, Bell has a team in mind already. Early on Tuesday, Bell commented on a graphic from Bleacher Report that featured a picture of Luck, along with his incredible stats from this season.

Bell’s comment read “Just Imagine” followed by looking emoji’s. Obviously, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Bell meant. Knowing that the Colts will most likely be in the market for a running back, Bell already has his sights set on Indianapolis before it’s even time to recruit. So along with the Colts, what other teams are favored to land Bell in the offseason?

What Are the Odds?

After Bell’s comment, the Colts took a significant lead in the odds race for where Bell will play week one in 2019. But don’t count out the others just yet. As expected, the New York Jets land at number two as they have had their eyes set on Bell all along as they have shown an interest ever since he was put on the trade block back in September.

Following the Jets and the Colts, the Raiders, Eagles, and Buccaneers will also most likely be interested. As the Raiders enter re-build mode, they are going to need to add some serious stars in order to avoid another flop of a season. As for the Eagles and the Buccaneers, they have some decent young talent on board, but Bell would be an incredible addition that would make the young talent immediately forgotten.

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