LOOK: Dallas Cowboys Fan Perfects Jason Garrett Halloween Costume

Getty Images Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett.

Halloween was a couple of days ago, but all of social media is still flooded with many creative costumes from October 31st. This year, there were tons of athletes and fans who were involved in dressing up for the holiday, and the results were great from what we’ve seen over the month of October.

The accuracy to a lot of sports fans costumes was excellent this year. But there’s more to it than just the look if you want to go viral on social media. For example, there’s a Dallas Cowboys fan (or maybe not) out there who decided to dress up like Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett. Not only did he perfect the actual look of Garrett, but he perfected the whole impression. From the way that he moved, to the things that he said was absolutely spot on.

Now that Twitter got a video of the “fan,” it is spreading like wildfire as everybody cannot get enough of the Jason Garrett impression. Check it out!

Jason Garrett’s Doppelganger

From the large waistband containing who knows what, to the clapping and spitting. This entire idea was executed perfectly by this guy. It’s unclear if this football fan likes the Cowboys or not, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he were a fan. After all, Garrett hasn’t had the greatest track record with fans during his tenure. Especially from last season up until now.

Cowboys fan or not though, many people enjoyed the spot-on impression. It’s not rare for coaches to be imitated on Halloween, but it is very rare that we get a video as good as this one. Hopefully, this fan inspires more Halloween go-ers to go all out next season with their ideas and costumes that are NFL related. This year was quite entertaining, to say the least.

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