Los Angeles Rams React to Thousand Oaks Shooting

Getty Images Los Angeles Rams take the huddle

The Los Angeles Rams were shocked to find out that there was a terrible tragedy just miles away from the team’s facility on Thursday morning. CNN has reported that there were 12 victims left dead in a bar shooting in Thousand Oaks, California. The location of the tragic series of events happens to be just five miles away from where the Rams practice. Rams reporter for The Athletic, Vincent Bonsignore tweeted out that the Rams practice just nine minutes away from the crime scene.

Players of the Los Angeles Rams immediately took to Twitter to voice their concerns and express how they feel towards the victims and the events that took place. Select players like quarterback Jared Goff, Punter Johnny Hekker, and wide receiver Cooper Kupp all sent out Tweet’s first thing on Thursday morning.

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