Markelle Fultz Continues to Struggle with His Shot

Getty Images Markelle Fultz taking the ball up.

Philadelphia 76ers project point guard, Markelle Fultz just can’t seem to figure it out. The former first-overall pick has had a laundry list of problems ever since he’s been drafted to the Sixers, and change doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon. After spending an entire offseason working with a famous shot trainer named Drew Hanlen, Fultz hasn’t seemed to get any better, despite having a more prominent workload than last season.

Where did things go wrong with Fultz? Coming out of Washington, Fultz was one of the better shooters in his draft class, hence the reason why he was a top-three projected pick. When the Sixers traded up with the Boston Celtics to take Fultz, they wanted him for his shooting abilities, which quickly deteriorated over time.

Ever since his debut last season, Fultz has become a huge mystery for the Sixers organization. First, he’s hurt. Then, he’s nervous. Now, there are no excuses. Fultz’s form is ruined, and nobody can seem to fix it. After spending the entire offseason with his trainer, Hanlen, it looks like things started to get sour over the last three weeks. Did Hanlen cut ties because no progress has been made?

Check out This Form

I’m not sure exactly what is wrong with this shot. Nobody can seem to figure it out. Fultz may very well have the worst free throw form in the league, and his regular every day jump shot looks like that as well. Last week, Fultz’s trainer caught heat for this form on Twitter, and it caused a major uproar between the Sixers and the trainer.

In order to protect his own reputation, Hanlen told his critics that Fultz still wasn’t one-hundred percent healthy. Although Fultz wouldn’t elaborate on what Hanlen was talking about, it seemed as though something happened between the two, that was eventually confirmed.

According to Bleacher Report, it’s been around three weeks since Hanlen and Fultz were on speaking terms, which led to the two no longer working together moving forward. What caused this? We don’t know. Fultz refuses to talk about the topic, and since the Twitter incident occurred, Hanlen has gone private on social media. Maybe one day we will figure out the mystery of Fultz’s shot, but right now we have to sit back wondering what the problem really is.