Did Markelle Fultz Play His Final Game with the Sixers Last Week?

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It seems as if there is genuinely no resolution for Markelle Fultz and his drama with the Philadelphia 76ers. The rumors keep pouring out as Fultz is currently on another hiatus due to his shoulder and wrist problems that randomly popped up over the last week. As the Sixers were under the impression that Fultz was completely healthy, his “team” suggested that he shouldn’t play another minute for the Sixers until he gets himself checked out again.

Here they go again – at this point, it seems like the Sixers should just move on from Fultz but it’s not going to be that easy. Despite the fact that Markelle Fultz was a first-overall pick just a year ago, it’s not shocking to know that his trade value is pennies on the dollar right now. His biggest strengths from college have now become his biggest weaknesses, and apparently, his entourage behind the scenes has created a bit of a problem for the second-year guard.

Regardless of what they are asking for in exchange for Fultz, the Sixers have no choice but to make a move sooner than later. At this point, they are getting nothing from Fultz as he continues to sit out. Not to mention, before Fultz even ruled himself out from the team, he was losing his minutes to point guard, T.J. McConnell. Now, sources say that Fultz had most likely played his final game with the Sixers last week.

Is Fultz as Good as Gone from the Sixers?

To this end Liberty Ballers has learned that there are those close to the situation who do not expect Fultz to play for the Philadelphia 76ers again. This could change of course, but there is an expectation now that the process of exploring different doctors’ opinions could continue and that the next time Fultz plays in an NBA game will more than likely be for a new team.

Our sources confirm that Fultz is open to a change of teams but has not made any demands and that some of what has been recently reported has come from others in his camp, and not Fultz himself.

According to SB Nation’s Liberty Ballers, sources have confirmed that Fultz’s representation has shown an interest in a trade of scenery, not Fultz himself. However, the sources claim that Fultz is open to a change if the Sixers were to make it happen. So, what’s the deal? All of this news comes at an interesting time as the Sixers have made it clear to any potential trade partners that T.J. McConnell is off the table.

So, what does that mean for Fultz? It says that Fultz is far from off-limits. And if a team comes to the Sixers with a deal that’s even remotely tempting, then they probably wouldn’t hesitate to take it. Realistically, it looks like Fultz played his final minutes with the Sixers last week, but we’ll see if anything changes in the meantime.

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