Patrick Mahomes Received Constructive Criticism from Peyton Manning

Getty Images Patrick Mahomes dropping back for a pass.

When you hear about Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes nowadays, it’s nothing but positive messages. I mean, how can you criticize the kid at this point? He currently leads the NFL in touchdown passes with 29 tosses. He’s only in year two, and if the season were to end today, he’s probably the Most Valuable Player.

Nobody can say anything negative about Mahomes. Not Chiefs fans, not opposing fans, and not analysts. You know who can give him some constructive criticism though? A former great. Former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is slowly making his way back into the football world after taking a couple of years off.

The future Hall of Famer needed a break from the game, but now he’s coming back to analyze some of your favorite NFL quarterbacks. Recently, he decided to pick apart Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. As you can expect, Manning wasn’t trying to please any Chiefs fans with his analysis. But he has shown a lot of respect for the specific things that Mahomes did do right. Here’s a quick summary of what Manning said.

Manning Breaks down Mahomes

“One fumbled snap per season is one too many,” he said. He also went on to talk about the number of snap reps he took with Jeff Saturday and proudly talked about the fact that he and Saturday never fumbled an exchange during the monsoon that was Super Bowl XLI.

Mahomes’ one big mistake during the film session came when he tried to force a ball to a covered Kelce, which was overthrown and resulted in a Broncos interception. Manning’s advice was for Mahomes to “learn not to be so competitive” on every play, and he shared some advice from Duke coach David Cutcliffe, who was Manning’s offensive coordinator at Tennessee.

“The most important thing about every single play is that we possess the ball at the end of that play,” Cutcliffe said.

The Chiefs ran a “1-2-3” route late in the game, a route combination Manning mentioned during the Rosen episode of Detail. Mahomes makes the correct decision, looking off Demarcus Robinson — the “1” — before hitting the “2,” Sammy Watkins, on a short crossing route. Manning attributes this to Mahomes’ viewership of the show: “Obviously Mahomes watched Detail and learned that.”

You can read/watch the entire film session via ESPN. The fact that we are now getting analysis on today’s top quarterbacks from a legend like Peyton Manning is incredible. Not only is he a guy that everybody can totally trust for his knowledge of the game, but he’s also going to be straightforward. Peyton Manning doesn’t need to make friends or create fans. He can give the truth and everybody will respect it.

Mahomes mania is real in Kansas City, but it sure isn’t perfect. His first nine games in 2018 have been incredible. It will definitely be interesting to see how he closes out the second half of the season and makes a postseason run. The pressure will be on him for sure, but if he can play the way that he has been playing all year long, there should be no reason as to why the Chiefs can’t make a deep playoff run.