For the Pistons & Rockets Rematch, Andre Drummond Wants More Minutes

Andre Drummond Trade

Getty Cleveland Cavaliers center Andre Drummond.

The Rockets and Pistons will face off again tonight after the two teams’ previous matchup just two days ago.

With just one day’s break, the Pistons will be looking to finish what they started in the fourth quarter of Wednesday’s contest–they scored 41 points in an end-of-game run that kept Houston in the hot seat, and Blake Griffin finished the night with 37 points after hitting five fourth-quarter 3-pointers.

Pistons center Andre Drummond thinks that, had he not gotten into foul trouble early, the game would have had a different outcome. They only lost by 2 points–the final score was a narrow 126-124–and Drummond had 20 by himself. With 10-15 more minutes, he says, he could have poured in a lot more and ultimately made the difference.

“I got in (foul) trouble early,” he said, “and some tough foul calls underneath (the basket) and I had to sit down for a while. When I came back in, I tried to give it my best effort, and put us in a good position to win, but it wasn’t enough to get us over the hump. I know what I need to do for next time, to get ourselves ready for Friday.”

The Rockets may have evaded the Pistons on Wednesday, but they may not be so lucky this time around. The Houston team has struggled to gain their momentum so far this season (though lately they seem to be figuring it out) and the Pistons are no laughing matter.

With a little space between themselves and Wednesdays game, the Pistons will be firing on all cylinders. And if Drummond can stay out of foul trouble, the two teams could split the winnings on this back-to-back set.

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