Steph Curry Writes a Letter to a Young Fan About His Shoes

Getty Images Steph Curry taking the ball up to the basket.

Golden State Warriors superstar guard Steph Curry has been injured and out for a while. Although Curry is itching to get back onto the court, he has had a lot of free time on his hands during his healing process. And sometimes famous athletes that have a ton of free time decide to do some unordinary things like responding to fans via a handwritten letter in the mail.

Recently, a young Warriors/Steph Curry fan by the name of Riley Morrison felt upset that she couldn’t get her favorite player’s sneakers in her size for girls. When Morrison and her father visited the Under Armour site online, she didn’t see a section for girls to purchase the Curry 5’s. So with that, Morrison decided to pen a letter to Steph Curry the old fashioned way and sent it in the mail.

Not expecting anything out of it, Morrison would be surprised to find out that she actually received a letter in return from the man himself, Steph Curry. As expected, Curry was a complete class act throughout the entire situation. Not only did Curry work with Under Armour to come up with a plan to resolve this issue, but he also wrote a letter back to Riley Morrison promising not only the Curry 5’s in her size but a few other perks as well.

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“I have spent the last two days talking to Under Armour about how we can fix the issue. Unfortunately, we have labeled smaller sizes as “Boys” on the website. We are correcting this now! I wanted to make sure you can wear my kicks proudly”

It looks like Steph Curry put his free time to good use as he has spent the last two days working with his shoe sponsor, Under Armour to resolve the issue. But along with addressing the problem, and sending a particular pair that she already asked for, free of charge, Curry also offers a few more perks along with the original package.

Along with sending the Curry 5’s, Steph promised Riley that she would be one of the first people to receive the Curry 6’s. Also, Curry has something planned for Riley Morrison come spring time. In March, for International Women’s Day, Curry plans to put together a celebration with his young fan. It’s unclear what the full plans will be, but we can assume that Ms. Morrison will be receiving some not-so-cheap tickets to a Warriors game with a ton of additional perks.

The Warriors have a home game scheduled on March 8, where they will take on the Denver Nuggets. That just so happens to be a promotional night for Golden State where they will honor the “Authentic Fans.” We’re not sure if that’s exactly what Curry was hinting at, but it sure looks like Riley Morrison will be putting her new shoes to use in a few months.

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