Tiger vs. Phil Price: How Much Money Does PPV Cost?

tiger vs. phil ppv cost

Getty Fans can purchase the Tiger vs. Phil match for $19.99

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson square off in a Black Friday match designed for golf fans to hand over their money to watch the event. How much does it cost to order the Tiger vs. Phil pay-per-view? You can order the event for $19.99 unless you want to watch it in 4K which runs $29.99.

The price is much lower than normal sports pay-per-view pricing as the organizers see what the interest is for this kind of an event.

“The non-traditional pricing could lure in people sitting at home bored and looking for something to do,” Showtime president of sports and event programming Stephen Espinoza explained to USA Today. “It’s an accessible price point that may pull in some people who say, ‘It’s 20 bucks. Let’s give it a shot.’ If it’s successful, we could see other creative pricing and some more non-traditional events on pay-per-view.”

Tiger vs. Phil Pay-Per-View Options Start at $19.99

Fans have a few different ways to order the event and the pricing is all the same unless you order the 4K broadcast. Bleacher Report allows you to stream the match on your computer or mobile device. You can also watch it on your TV through the Bleacher Report app if you have a streaming stick like Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire.

The pay-per-view is also being offered on traditional cable and satellite companies including DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse, Comcast, Cox and Verizon. Ernie Johnson will handle the play-by-play coverage of the event. Johnson will be joined by Peter Jacobsen and Darren Clarke for the call. Charles Barkley, Pat Perez and Samuel L. Jackson will be part of the pre-match coverage.

Mickelson spoke about the rivalry he has had with Woods over the years.

“He came along and broke every single record I had,” Mickelson told ESPN. “Junior records, college. U.S. Amateur: I won one, he won three. At Shadow Creek, I shot the course-record 61. A couple of years later you shoot 60. But Friday you’ve got to do it simultaneously. You can’t come along and do it later. It’s my chance after losing so many tournaments to you, so many majors, to get something back.”

According to OddsShark, Woods is a heavy favorite to win at -190 odds, while Mickelson is a +165 underdog. Woods spoke about playing against Mickelson over his career.

“He’s the greatest of all time,” Woods told BBC. “I’ve seen him do things with a golf ball that have never been done…We’ve gone at it for over two decades. I missed competing [while injured] and being able to go against Phil like this. It gets my juices flowing, for sure.”

Mickelson noted that part of the reason the event is on pay-per-view was to allow for the golfers’ conversations between shots to be broadcast to fans.

“It’s an insight into the game which you’re normally not able to see,” Mickelson explained to BBC. “It’s why it’s on pay-per-view, because we had to eliminate the commercials to have that insight in between the shots.”