Tony Romo & Wife, Candice, Have Busy Lives With 3 Kids

candice romo

Getty Tony Romo and wife, Candice Romo, attend the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner.

Tony Romo’s wife, Candice Romo, is experienced with not having her husband home on Thanksgiving. As the longtime quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Tony had Thanksgivings booked since the Cowboys play on the holiday every year.

Shortly after his retirement, Tony joined Jim Nantz to form CBS’ top announcing team meaning he now spends his Thanksgivings in the booth instead of on the field. When Tony is not calling NFL games, he stays busy chasing the couple’s three children around the house. Candice and Tony have three sons: Jones McCoy (1), Rivers (3) and Hawkins (5).

If Tony has his way, the couple will continue to add to their growing family.

“Oh, it’s super exciting!” Tony told Entertainment Tonight in 2017 after Jones’ birth. “My third boy, you know, so, building my own basketball team here — getting close…I think the wife might want to stop at this point, but we’ll push her again in a year or two. Once they hold that baby, and that baby grows up a little bit, they want to hold that baby again, so… that’s just how wives are, and moms…I’d be all for trying for a little girl, but it’s really not by body, though.”

Candice Romo Is the Co-Founder of Hawk + Sloane

Candice finds herself in a house full of boys. In addition to her passion as a mom, Candice is an entrepreneur who co-founded Hawk + Sloane with one of her friends. The company specializes in sprays that are aimed to help parents. Here’s how the company’s website describes the vision for the business.

Candice Romo & Hollie Siglin have been friends since middle school when they were the only two girls hitting the links at the golf course. Fast forward several years, when they reconnected with the same due date of their babies, Hawk and Sloane.

Now, with five children between them, doing life together looks a lot different than it did 10 years ago. As they grind out parenthood together, they are always looking for ways to make the life of a modern mom easier. Struggling through the daily challenges of raising children led them to create these recipes to help conquer parenthood. . . one spray at a time.

How does Candice find enough time to handle all her responsibilities? She leans on her faith as she explained to Paper City Mag.

“Without a doubt my faith in the Lord is the driving force behind everything I encounter in my daily life,” Candice explained to Paper City Mag. “Whenever we’ve come across bumps in the road, I find comfort in knowing that there is a bigger purpose in this life that ultimately gives me perspective. We also strive to value God’s love for us over people’s love for us, or lack there of.”

Despite their dedication, Candice understands there are times when the couple makes mistakes, and she offers this word of advice to other parents.

“Apologize to your kids: We make mistakes as parents all the time,” Candice explained to Paper City Mag. “I want my kids to see me humbling myself and asking for their forgiveness when I know I have made a mistake.”