Alex Smith Injury: Redskins QB Won’t Be Ready for 2019 Season

Alex Smith

Getty Washington Redskins QB Alex Smith

At this point, we can pretty much mark down Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith as out for week one in the 2019 NFL season. Times are tough for Washington as a whole right now. But times are even tougher for their veteran quarterback, Alex Smith. A few weeks back, Smith was carted off the field with a severe lower-body injury, which was diagnosed as a broken fibula, and tibia.

To this day, Smith is still laying in his hospital bed weeks later after dealing with post-operation infections. Although the situation was already difficult for Smith the deal with, the entire series of events after the injury itself has been wildly unfortunate for the Skins quarterback. And now not only is his 2019 NFL season already in jeopardy, but there has been some speculation that Smith’s career could be in trouble as well.

At 34-years-old, Alex Smith realistically only had a few years left in the league. As he would’ve wrapped up his 14th NFL season just a few weeks from now, we could probably expect that once Smith’s contract with Washington expires, he may struggle to find a new team that would pay him enough to make Smith want to continue playing. And with his leg injury causing nothing but complications even after multiple surgical procedures, it may be time for Smith to start prematurely planning his retirement from the NFL.

Smith’s 2019 Season Is Already in Doubt

The Redskins Have a Tough Decision to Make

Before Smith went down with his injury, the Redskins were sitting in first place of the NFC East. Smith wasn’t exactly their whole team, but a serviceable quarterback definitely helped Washington see a significant amount of early season success before Smith went down. Unfortunately, it looks like Washington is going to spiral down from here on out, and we can pretty much assume that playoffs will not be in the Redskins future this season.

Knowing that the Redskins can compete for the playoffs now, they need to find themselves a solid quarterback for next season. At this point, it’s pretty clear that Smith is going to miss a good chunk of 2019 if he does plan on returning at all. Now, the Redskins need to find somebody to fill in as it’s pretty clear that Colt McCoy and Mark Sanchez are not the answers. The next few months should be interesting for Washington as they will have to draft or sign a big name at quarterback in order to compete once again in 2019.

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