Anthony Davis Hears Nothing but Cheers from Celtics Fans

Anthony Davis

Getty Images Anthony Davis

As a fan, when is it acceptable to cheer for the superstar of another team while on your team’s home court? It’s a debatable topic, but there are very few instances where this seems to happen. On Monday night, the New Orleans Pelicans traveled to Boston to take on the Celtics. And to the surprise of many, Pelicans’ big man Anthony Davis received a favorable amount of cheers from the Boston crowd during his player introductions on Monday.

Why exactly were Celtics fans showing support for Davis? What did he do for them? It’s not like Davis has played for Boston before and is not returning. So, what was the reasoning behind all of the fanfare? Well, it’s simple – Boston Celtics fans want to add another star to the roster. And what better way to recruit than to show some early support by cheering on the enemy?

These types of things don’t happen in the NBA too often, but Davis has become the exception for Celtics fans. As AD remains a prominent name on the invisible trade block, the Celtics have quickly become linked to the star center as he has formed a close relationship with Boston’s leading superstar, Kyrie Irving

The Fans Let Him Hear It on Monday

And there’s plenty more where that came from! Celtics fans wanted Davis to know that they would be entirely willing to embrace the star big man with open arms. It’s quite evident that adding Davis to the roster would significantly increase the Celtics chances of taking over the Eastern Conference. The only problem is, it’s not going to be easy to get him.

The Celtics fans did a great job showing support for the superstar, but a recruiting process isn’t going to really do much in this case. Davis is not set to take on free agency this summer, so his next move won’t really be by choice. Davis would have to get traded to the Celtics, and fans cheering on the road won’t really do much to dictate that decision for the front office. All in all, though, it was still interesting to see the support from Celtics fans to an opposing player. It’s quite rare, and always shocking when that happens.

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