Celtics’ Terry Rozier Says Everybody Can ‘Shut up’ Now

Getty Images Terry Rozier driving to the basket.

Remember when the Boston Celtics came into the 2018 NBA season as favorites in the Eastern Conference but couldn’t quite live up to the hype? Well, that feels like a decade ago all of a sudden. Mark down their fifth-straight win on Saturday, as Boston dominated the Chicago Bulls 133-77 on the road. At this point, nobody should really be questioning the Celtics anymore as they are coming for the top of the East. And in Terry Rozier’s words, all of the Celtics critics can finally shut up now.

What’s better than playing well as a professional athlete? Playing well while sticking it to your critics. The Celtics had an unexpected 10-10 start on the year through the first 20 games. If we’re honest – they were the laughing stock of the NBA. As Boston was viewed as a powerhouse coming out of their Eastern Conference Finals loss last season, the Celtics were just simply not living up to that offseason hype.

Is Boston Finally Back?

Five straight wins are significant for any team in basketball, no doubt. But the Celtics haven’t just been winning. They have been dominating their opponents. Aside from one game, the Celtics have dominated four of the five teams that they have played during their win streak. As they advance their record to 15-10, the Celtics have squeaked their way back into the top-five in the East as they sit five games back from first place.

Don’t look now, but it seems as though Boston is back. Granted, the competition hasn’t been all that tough during their winning stretch, but they are dominating the teams that they should, which is an excellent start to something bigger. At this point, the Celtics are no longer the laughing stock of the NBA for playoff caliber teams. They are indeed, still the real deal. And for all of the critics, Terry Rozier has a message for you.

Terry Rozier Sends a Message to the Haters

“Everybody can shut up.” Celtics guard, Terry Rozier would not hold back his frustrations towards the early on critics after Saturday’s win. Although it’s still early on in the season, Rozier’s message to the haters was definitely called for. There’s way too much basketball left to be played, and Boston should’ve never been counted out from the jump.

Seeing all of the talents on board for the Celtics, there should be no reason to believe that Boston still isn’t a top team in the East. I mean, we all saw how well they did during the playoff stretch last season, despite being short-staffed, right? Talent is not the issue for the Celtics. Team chemistry and egos were apparently the problems. But with that all cleaned up, it looks like the Celtics are finally going to be alright moving forward.

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