Chiefs Won’t Recover from Loss of Kareem Hunt, Says Former Player

Getty Images Kareem Hunt taking the ball up the field.

The Kansas City Chiefs had to make a painfully obvious move this past week. On Friday, the team was reminded of an incident that involved their star running back, Kareem Hunt getting into a physical altercation with a woman. Although the Chiefs have been aware of the situation since last February, Hunt’s dishonesty from the event was confirmed when the Chiefs finally saw the video on the internet like the rest of us.

Now, Kareem Hunt is going to float on the waiver wire this week, and the Chiefs will have to move on. While everybody is discussing the next potential destination for Hunt, there hasn’t been much talk about how the Chiefs will be affected by the loss of their star running back moving forward.

As the leaders of the AFC West, the Chiefs are one game ahead of the Los Angeles Chargers with a record of 9-2. With Kareem Hunt in the backfield, the Chiefs looked like they could beat anyone. But without a top-five running back on board, will the Chiefs still remain as strong as they were on offense with Hunt out of the picture?

A Former Player Thinks the Chiefs Are Finished

Some would say losing one player that isn’t the quarterback cannot affect a team that much. But it can – and it just may alter the Chiefs big time moving forward. That’s not to say that the Chiefs are going to lose out or anything. But don’t assume that the high-powered offense that we saw with Hunt in the backfield will be the same without him.

Having a top-five running back on board makes life easy for the offense. Andy Reid and the Chiefs found a perfect balance between their run game and the passing game, and everything worked out perfectly. Now with Hunt out, and Spencer Ware in, the Chiefs will be reliable but not quite the powerhouse that they once were. And according to a former Chiefs player that remains anonymous, the Chiefs will not recover from this loss.

Will the Chiefs Recover?

The timing of this incident couldn’t be any worse, but the Chiefs did what they had to do by getting rid of Hunt. Many are applauding the Chiefs for getting rid of Hunt in the midst of a playoff run, but nobody is really assuming that Kansas City will be all that affected by the loss of Hunt moving forward.

Seeing as though the Chiefs have an experienced offensive-minded coach in Andy Reid, the team won’t fold. Andy Reid has coached lesser talented teams to see some significant success in this league. Will the Chiefs take a hit on offense? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t recover from the loss of Hunt. It may take a few games to get adjusted, but this team is far from finished.